Do any other dedicated barefooters get requests to examine their soles? That's happened to me several times. A shopowner actually asked me to put my foot up on the counter for a look! People expect a network of scars and calluses and are surprised to find them smooth (however dirty). The cognoscienti among you know that well-travelled soles simply thicken without callusing.
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That's interesting to know that!

Mine are tough with no callous, and they turn really black

Wow, here in australia no one even thinks of it. So many people go everywhere in bare feet, it's just normal.
Sucks for me, as I see so many hot guy feet all the time, and I wish I could lay down for him to stand on while I lick them clean!

Which part of Australia? I found Adelaide the most barefoot-friendly of all.

P.S. Your profile will not allow me to message you.

I'm in Sydney, I'm not sure why it won't let u message me...

Yeah umm if you do that to much your feet will need to be seen by a doctor!

Rubbish! Mankind was created to walk barefoot. Do you think podiatrists flourish in third-world populations? Barefooters have the healthiest feet of all.

Really cause I can show you a picture, if you let me pm you

Ok, message me on my profile, but no picture is going to drive me into shoes!

Yeah I really hate shoes and socks. Being in my bare feet feels so much better.

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Every person's skin reacts differently to the environment to which it is exposed. I've dated women with very calloused soles, uniformly tough, leather-like soles and a couple with smooth soles. None of them had any discomfort on hot pavement, gravel, small glass shards, rocks, etc. The same applies to how dirty one's soles get. Some get filthy black the moment they step on asphalt or concrete, others stay relatively clean. Every person is different.