So...I'm Toronto and came across this You-Tube video which reminded me of when I worked in Budapest. I had Hungarian co-workers and one day we were talking about film and music. They were shocked at the number of actors and musicians, they assumed were American, that were actually Canadian. I felt it was my job to educate them and I did. :)

N.B. One band that, I believe, should have been mentioned is Triumph who were huge in the '80's, especially in the U.S. I can remember watching them perform at "FarmAid" and the crowd going absolutely bonkers for them. They truly rocked.
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Most Americans love Canada and Canadians. I, at least, want America to be Canada if we ever grow up.

When I travel abroad, the highest compliment to me is when people hear my "accent" they ask me if I'm from Canada. I think it is just their way of trying to thank *me* for being polite.

Not all Americans are arrogant pigs, but when I'm traveling abroad, those are the ones that just pop right out in a crowd... no wonder we have that reputation?

Yes....I've come across a few but I've also come across very nice ones....

It is an easy mistake to make, particularly in cinema as many of the actors owe their career to the US cinema industry. And I suspect that to succeed in the US cinema they have to tone down that they are not American.

That's true....very good point. :)

OK, to add to your list: Nathan Fillon (Rick Castle), Ryan Reynolds, Gordon Lightfoot, Shania Twain, Joni Mitchell, KD Lang, Brendan Fraser, Michael J Fox, Dan Ackroyd, Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogen, William Shatner,
Kiefer /Donald Sutherland...and a few more...

.....and so many

Yes...Ok...many off!

Glad you see it my way....I'm sending you some Maple

Yayyyyy....some Canadian Whisky too please...and some poutine...and a few of Robert Charlebois' beers.

Ooooo.....I love poutine! Yummy....
Sending it off now....early birthday and Christmas

Can you send me Shania Twain as well?...

LMAO... can't blame you....she's gorgeous. CĂ©line Dion?

No...I love her singing (more in French than in English) but she is too skinny for my taste.
Did you see my latest post in this section by the way?

Actually, I do really like her French stuff...she is quite skinny....a little too bony.

I had no idea (in particular Ackroyd, Sutherland)... go Canada!

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Thats a cool video...and I have to agree RUSH is the hands down easy number 1. I have no idea how Trooper or The Guess Who got ahead of them. I'm with you on Triumph - they were huge. I know I was also an April Wine fan and think The Tragically Hip could also get an honorable mention.

I thought it was very cool....I don't think I'd attempt any of love April Wine and The Tragically Hip but I'm not sure they were internationally known.

Ohhhh....they rock! I've seen them in concert!