Life With Aunt Carolyn


Dennis Stylishned

Carolyn sorting through an upstairs closet, “ Ann, out of all the clothes I have hanging in each of the these 2 bedrooms-there is not one stitch of boys clothing, not one. Now I have 2 young boys given to me! What am I to do? Please tell me that, for heaven sake?” Ann laughing, “ Well if nothing else, you could just have the boys wear the clothes you have on hand?” Carolyn giggled, “ Oh, for land sakes! This is not the 1950s after all this is the twenty first century and I just can’t see putting boys into little girls’ clothing.” Ann now looking at a photo of the 2 boys, “ Hum, beats me why not.” Carolyn grabbing the picture from Ann’s hands, “ let me see that” staring hard at the photograph.
“ Well, I guess if all else fails I could.” Rubbing her chin, “ Oh Ann! Now you got that fool idea in my head and I won’t be able to get it out of my head. To no thanks to you!” Heck Carolyn you give this woman the chance-I’d grab it before you could say ****! Yes, You give me full custody of your nephews and see just how fast I have them wearing pretty panties and dresses and the like.” Carolyn with a sly grin, “ You’re not stealing my nephews away. If any one is going to be placing them two in panties and dresses it’s going to be this woman, “ pointing to her self,” and no one else. I might be bull headed yet I am not totally foolish and dumb at least not yet.” Both laughing as Carolyn continue going through the clothes closets looking for suitable clothes for boys.
Stanley Callahan a good friend for better than 30 years, “ Carolyn I knocked and your door was open. Now I just caught the tail end of the conversation you two girls were having, I remember the 50’s I grow up during the 50’s.” laughing, “ Carolyn you spoke of having your nephews wearing female attire. Now would that be you haven’t any male clothing, if I am not imposing?” Why you old fool! You are not imposing and yes that would be the reason if you must know.” Hugging and kissing him on his left cheek” Ann you wouldn’t have anything to do with all of this now would you?” Ann grinned, “ What would give you that impression Stanley?” hugging him.
“ Well I recall about 2 summers back you had a lad, I believe his name was Jeffery. One fine young man the first day he arrived. Heck it was the second or third day it seemed his sister was always hanging around here.” Grinning, “ What I can’t tell is how in the devil she got here-still beats me today, huh.” Ann’s face beaming red, “ Stanley! You know full well Jeffery was being disciplined for being nasty to the girls.” Stanley roared with laughter, “ A, what girls or are you talking about Carolyn and you?” Carolyn smiled, “He’s got you there Ann.” the three of them laughing.
Stanley scratching his chin, “Carolyn, it was your mother who put me in dresses. Yea, you trick me, told me you wanted me to change my clothes in your bedroom only thing you forgot to tell me they weren’t mine clothes. Ann she left the room and not 2 minutes her mother was all over me like flies on a cow pile! Yea, between your mom and mine I spent the better part of my young boyhoods’ life living and dressing in Carolyn’s panties, petticoats dresses and skirts!” Carolyn lying back in her chair laughing so hard she was crying and Ann was not far behind her. Ann then she writes a novel called Dresses in a well-dressed man’s life and the dang thing made the best sellers list! Ann you know what I gain out of this whole deal? Well let me tell you one peace of rhubarb pie!” Ann laughing so head her face was turning blue.
Stanley sat there watching the ladies laughing, “ I have only one more thing to tell you about my ordeal being placed in dresses. It was a Sunday morning a nice sunny day and the dandelions were out in force! Seeing I was in this light pink party dress, that button up the back making it imposable for me to get it off! See, I was eating this cookie when this honeybee decided to fly up under my skirt! I new from the first I did not like mothers new sent called Dandelions! Talk about dancing and showing off the rhumba panties-let me tell you- I was a moving and a screaming flipping my skirt up, down side ways anything to get that blasted Bee out from under my dress!” Carolyn after stopping her laughing, “Stanley would you please stay for lunch?” Stanley eyes lit up. “ Be mighty glad to, thank you.
After lunch Stanley, “ All kidding aside, “ Carolyn, give your nephews a good time put them both in pretty dresses and undies. Then think of the great laughs they’ll give their lady friends and daughters.” Ann watched Stanley walk back across the yard then turning towards Carolyn, “ I wish I had met him years ago, you are one lucky lady to have grown up with the likes of him.” Smiling, “ I couldn’t agree with you more.” Signed Carolyn answering her cell phone.
Carolyn closed her cell phone, “ My 2 nephews will be here in about ten minutes. It is starting to look like they will be wearing girls’ clothing rather I want them to or not. Depending on how many clothes they bring them selves.” Ann all smiles, “ Maybe I best go then.” Carolyn grinning, “I should say not! You’re not going to leave me with all the work or I mean fun.” They had been sipping their coffee when the front door opened and in walked two lovely young boys and a lady with them, “ I am Shirley the boys father’s sister. This one here is Mark he’s is 8 and the oldest.” Standing there with soft brown hair just below his ears. Long eye lashes with dark brown eyes with a small mouth and a cute little nose. “Hi Mark I am you aunt Carolyn welcome!” kissing him. Shirley grinning, “ This little cutie is Robert he is seven, say hi to your aunt Carolyn.” Robert with wide eyes as brown as can be, “Hi aunt Carolyn. Are you mean to little boys like us?” laughing, “ No way I love little boys as cute you and your older brother are. Now where are all your brothers and yours clothes you have brought with you?” Shirley laughed, “They don’t have any but what they are wearing.” Blushing from the shame.
“Could you please come with me for a minute or so?” Oh sure Misses Thornton smiling as she walked behind Carolyn to the din. “Shirley, I was hoping they would have clothes other than those on their backs. I want you to know I will have to dress them in girls dresses and skirts as well the panties.” Shirley blushing as she giggled, “Misses Thornton I am sorry-there is nothing I can do. You will just have to dress them like girls.” Laughing, “Oh would you send a picture to me please?” At this point and time I have no other choice.” Starting to walk back to the kitchen. Once there, Shirley hugged each of the boys kissing them good by them left.
Carolyn with a warm smile, “ I take it that you two boys have taken a bath this morning before you arrived here, right?” Mark, “ No aunt Carolyn Aunt Shirley told us that you would give us our bath seeing we did not have any clothes to change into.” Ann stood back grinning form ear to ear, knowing what was going to happen. With a deep breathe Carolyn, “ Mark, Robert I have some not so good news.” What is that aunt Carolyn?” asked Mark. “ I only have clothes for little girls.” Both Mark and Robert back away eyes wide with distrust and unbelief, “ You are kidding right Aunt Carolyn, “ asked Robert with a half a smile on his face. “ Honey, no I am not fooling yet why don’t you boys go take your baths and Ann and I will see what we can do to remedy the problem.” Knowing full well the boys were locked in as so were they.
Mark had finished washing him self and was watching Robert when Robert, “Mark, do you ever wonder what it would be like having to wear girls’ underpants and their dresses or skirts?” Mark surprised by Robert’s question, “ Are you stupid!” Oh no I was just thinking, honest!” Look Rob, you and I are men. I know where our clothes are. Now if aunt Carolyn try to make us wear girls’ dresses and panties we run away together, just you and me. Back to Mommies Grandma-she’ll keep us!” Robert unsure, “ Isn’t she the one that told aunt Shirley to send us here?” as aunt Carolyn enters the bathroom.
“Aunt Carolyn did you and aunt Ann find some boys clothes for us?” trying to smile finding it hard to do, Carolyn pulled both boys towards her, “ I am very sorry. Yet I have no clothes for young boys your ages.” Oh that’s okay Mark knows where our clothes are and we can wear them,” bragged Robert smiling brightly. With bath towels rapped around both boys Ann and Carolyn lead the boys to the bedroom next to her bedroom. Lying on the bed was 2 pair of plain pink satin panties with white undershirts with white bobby socks. “I am no going to wear them! They are for girls, I’m a boy.” Screamed Mark as tears welled up in his eyes.
Carolyn guiding him towards the bed, “ I would gladly have let you wear the clothes you came in with. Yet they are worn out and filthy. What happen to the rest of your clothes Mark?” crying Mark, “They, aunt Shirley and grandma were making us wear dresses and panties and gave our clothes to Butch our half cousin Grandmother’s favorite.” Did she do the same to Robert?” Carolyn asked now coming to the realization Mark was speaking the truth. “ No, Grandma let Robert wear only the old and worn out boys clothes wanting him to ask to wear pretty dresses and stuff.” Staring at the floor starting to weep. “ Mark, I promise you. No one is going to make fun or teas you while you are wearing the panties and dresses I have to have you wear, for I have no male clothes for you to wear.” Holding him to her with tears in her own eyes.
Carolyn with soft grin, “ Robert honey, Please wear the panties and undershirt for me? Please for your older brother Mark. Robert’s face turned red as he giggled, “ Okay.” Walking over to the second panties. Slowly and very hesitant pulled the panties on. Ann walked over and helped Robert put the full slip on with a flowered print dress with puff sleeves. Carolyn lean over close to Mark’s ear, “Please I will help you and I promise no one will make fun of you.” Mark’s hands shook as they reached out for the pink satin panties. With one large shiver he pulled them on and the undershirt fighting back the tears.
Mummeries flowed through his head seeing and hearing Butch teasing him and aunt Shirley lifting the hem of his dress up and showing his panties to all laughing. The nighties of silk and lacy he was force to model for all the boys in the neighborhood and school all laughing and mocking him as the adults held him so he couldn’t escape. With one last scream Mark clung to Carolyn crying.
Mark sat at the dinning room table dressed in a long sleeved blouse with a navy blue pleaded skirt with white knee socks and black Maryjane shoes. Robert sat next to him wearing his pink flowered print dress when Stanley Callahan walked in and sat down across form the boys. Stanley eye sparkling, “Why the long faces? Now did your aunt Carolyn tell you guys I was reused way back in the 1950’s Oh it was your aunt Carolyn that did the very same thing to me!” Robert, “What thing?” Well I’ll tell you. Aunt Carolyn asked me to change my clothes in her bedroom. Only she forgot to tell me that they were hers. Between your aunt Carolyn’s mom and my mom I was put into pink lacy rhumba panties with petticoats and dresses with skirts and blouses. I spent my boyhood year wearing your auntie’s panties and dresses. Now if that wasn’t bad enough I had a honey bee fly up under my dress. There I was dancing flipping the skirt of my dress up down sideways just to shake that blasted bee from under my light pink party dress with puff sleeves, screaming and dancing around like a fool!” by this time both boys were laughing hysterically. Stanley and Mark Robert became the best of friends and aunt Carolyn and aunt Ann were their beloved aunts.
The boys loved their dresses and panties and would spend hours with their new uncle Stanley. By the way would wear his kilt and satin pink panties under it with a nylon slip. Today both boys have families of their own, sorry girls. What could they do? They tried to have boys to no avail of their own.

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What a great story thanks!

great story...wish I was one of the boys

Gee, Bill, I wonder who Uncle Stanley is modeled after....

Bill the boys came form the other side of the family on the fathers' side and his sister Shirley with his mother or the boys grandmother. This was unecspected for aunt Carolyn. She was only half haertly looking for boys clothes be cause in her heart and her friends Ann they were planning on dressing the boys. Stanley is not scottish just a child hood friend of Carolyn's. I also tried to in stall a little humor in there as well.