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My Son In Skirts

I don't really "put" my son in skirts I just buy them for him and he puts himself in them because he loves wearing skirts just like I did when I was a boy. I buy skirts and dresses for my two daughters and for my son and my wife and I encourage our son to dress as a girl as often as he likes and he almost always has at lest one piece of girl clothing on along with his boy clothing, sometimes it may just be panties under his jeans or maybe pink socks with his boy sneakers, other times he'll wear something like a Rolling Stones t-shirt with a black skirt. He's only eight and he loves the Rolling Stones! If anyone tries to make fun of him he gets right up in their face about it! I'm so proud of him but I also worry because he's a small kid and on one side he's very delicate and feminine in his nature, but on the other he's tough and he sticks up for himself but I worry that he might get in over his head with some big bully someday, but you know what - kids at his school think he's cool because he dresses how he likes and he stands up against the social norms and stands up for himself and he likes to spike his hair and put pink dye in it and dance around crazy to punk rock music! I got him into Black Flag and The Dead Kennedy's because they were my favorites back in the 80's!! At school he's like a crazy tomboy punk-rock girl who likes to wear bright pink skirts and dresses with tight black jeans and thick black boots and spiked hair but then when you get to know him you see that he's also a very sweet loving caring kid who will sit down and play dollies with his sisters! I love it!!
amyast amyast 31-35 11 Responses May 2, 2011

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The poor confused male child....

Does he like tights too. My son does with his grey pleated skirt

I can understand playing with dolls, though for boys the dolls are usually called "action figures " you said he plays with follies, I assume meaning baby dolls. I think, "well, one day he'll be a Da and want to be tender and nurturing to his child.
On the other hand I wonder about when he goes I to puberty. How much confusion will he be subject to as he grows. This has identity crisis written all over it.

I have been molested by multiple men, and even kidnapped for the purpose of molesting me. Even though I hate what was done to me, and I can't ever forget it. It not only causes nightmares, it causes self loathing, and guilt, even though I have been told, and reminded, "this was not my fault, and none of my doing."
Nevertheless, this causes great Confusion for me, and I struggle with my identity constantly. It is very difficult to live with, yet I have no choice.
I understand that this was what was done to you, but I wonder if by perpetuating the generational behaviour, you might be doing him a huge disservice. I don't know. I am still trying to figure out who I am, but one thing I do know, if I get to grow up, be a man, get married, and have children, I will not, I WILL not ever hit my child. Just because that was the way I was raised doesn't mean I need to continue it with my children.

I know that you are proud of your son being so feminine, but how will this affect his future? How will a girlfriend feel? Is it your goal to create gender confusion in your son? Do you WANT him to get into fights, or to be bullied for his gender choices, which you encouraged?
I recognise I am o my eighteen, and am still seeking my own identity, but as I do have so much difficulty, and know it would be so much easier for me, if I had not been molested. Yet it did happen, over and over because, I'm "such a beautiful child."

These are my thoughts on this matter, and my sincerest hope is that your son will know who he is, that he is a boy, despite being dressed as a girl from a young age. I don't see the upside for him, and his psychological health.

I hope for the very best for your son, and I don't know enough to know if what you're doing to, or for him. God bless you, your family, and especially your son.
I am Pubèr. Ü

I think you are so wonderful, few little boys, are given the opportunities, that you afford him, and with yours, and your daughters encouragement, he can learn on his own, in a safe environment, I wish I could have really expressed my true feminine feelings with my own mom, while she was still alive, I know, we would have formed a more bonding relationship, and I know, I would have grown up, happier, I hope, in the future, you can share some of their special photos, I want to have you as a friend,

Very nice and heartwarming story...wish I didn't take to the social norms as a kid. Then I my be more free to share my femme side with others. I only dress for my wife - others suspect, but i don't put myself out there.

I really feel that every child should be treated equally, with no distingtion of sex and should be allowed to wear and do what ever the child wishes to wear or do. I think our society would be much friendlier and respectful to each other if we would not have to always figure out what the other wants to be or is..

thats great that your family does that. Its sad that typical families these days teach their kids to accept girls in pants but tease or beat up a boy in a skirt.

What I love about your story is you don't force or encourage him. He has the opportunity to be who he wants to be.

That is one very cute story I love that you encouage him to dress the wat he wants too and just him self way to go you did a great job