I am ready to change my reclusive life and become more socially active (I.e. get out more often); the problem is I really don't know where to start. I don't want to party on the weekends, like most college students, because my conscience would bother me if I did the things most people my age do (e.g. get wasted, get high, hook-up with strangers). I'm irreligious, so joining a youth group or church group is out of the question (even if I was I would be to old). The only thing I could comfortably devote my free time to is charitable events and volunteer work, but I really can't make friends or acquaintances through these events; I know this from past experience. Any suggestions of where I could start would be greatly appreciated.
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Why don't you think you could make friends through charitable pursuits? What part of the world are you in? What do you take in school?

I have friends, just not close friends that I see on a regular basis.

WOW... you sound like me. I too had lots of friends but none I would consider "close". Mostly because I was never comfortable with engaging in meaningful conversation (feelings... that sort of thing). I was always the sidekick... the guy people enjoyed having around but wasn't the first to call when they needed to have a serious conversation.

I'm assuming that since you're not interested in living the typical "College" lifestyle, you must have a sense of maturity beyond your peers... that's wonderful... don't change that.

Being in the business that I'm in, there's something I've learned and it holds true for us all... your group of friends is always evolving. Since starting my business 3 years ago, I've gained an entirely new group of friends that are more aligned with my interests and goals in life. I've learned how to develop friendships and how to be a better friend myself.

May I ask what your interests are?

Besides volunteer work I'm interested in other things like music: especially metal and grunge - rock. I wish to take up playing the drums again one day, but I don't have much time to do so now that I'm in college. I like outdoor activities such as paddle - boarding and kayaking. I also hope I may learn to surf one day. I have a lot of interests that I haven't acted on, and there are some things I'd like to attempt at least once like sky diving or bungie - jumping.

Too funny... I just tried surfing for the first time myself. It was while I was in San Diego at a business convention... loved it! I used to play drums as well, though not quite at a level that would have me in a band... I did absolutely love it though. I drive people crazy because I'm constantly tapping a beat...lol.
Paddle boarding looks like a lot of fun and next on my list is skydiving.

What are you taking in school?

Current degree trajectory is towards cognitive psychology

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