Im 19 and I graduated in 2013 but in that time, ive only worked 4 months. I try to find work, but its tough because i have little experience, theres little jobs and I dont have a mode of transportation that I can rely on fully. Well, I dont feel right siting at home and imready to start my life, so Im going to step up and get a job with my stepdad. Its going to be strange at first, riding with him to work at 5 AM everyday, but I will be getting good money for working outside in the hot and cold so it'll be worth it. Im going to work there while I go to trade school so Ican become a plumber or an HVAC technician, and when I finish school, I plan on having a decent car and I plan on moving out (or possibly away) from their house. Im in the transitional period from being a little kid and becoming a man and Im just ready to rely on myself so I can have my own thing going.
JosephMichaelSmith JosephMichaelSmith
18-21, M
Aug 19, 2014