Reclaiming Life (repost)

I don't feel comfortable sharing the start of my story here. You know, the reason why I'm sitting here...maybe later. Here's the bit I do feel comfortable sharing.

After being shut off from the world for over 15 years, I'm finally taking steps to reclaim my life. Some of the steps I'm sure about. I know I need to get my ID, so that I can take the GED. From there, I'm not really sure how to proceed. I joined this site in hopes I could get some advice/tips.  I am not looking for any type of handouts. I want to be independent and escape the crappy situation I've been stuck in for 15 years.

I am 34 but I have lived very little. I have very few life experiences. I know little of how the real world works.  I've never learned to drive, had a job, voted, filed taxes, lived on my own...I don't even have friends.

My situation is unique. I doubt many have been in the exact situation but perhaps some come close. If I find somebody I feel comfortable sharing with...I might. I just know I need to get out of this situation so I can have an actual life not continue to live in a windowless box in this unsafe neighborhood.

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Found this other post from you after I commented on a more recent post also that was kinda cryptic.

I've read articles that might be similar to what you experienced, but it was always written from a 3rd person perspective. This is the first time I read something that was from the point of view of the person involved. And all I can say is, WOW! You must be a really really strong person to have endured 15 years.

And I don't know what level of isolation you were put thru, but 15 years ago, very few people had internet access. Even how we use the internet now was even very different then.

Best of luck to you and your upcoming life adventures.