Safety In Nothingness...

When I was really in the depths of depression, I came up with a strategy that I suppose you could call meditation. It was to imagine my soul as an empty building, with no ceiling and just a flat, dirt floor. Outside the windows, you can see that it is pouring rain, and you can hear the raindrops pounding on the roof in a roar like a freight train. Inside that building though, it is perfectly dry, and perfectly safe. I see that room as empty of objects, but not empty of space. Even as I picture that room, I do not see myself as a body inside it, I see myself in the space. My senses are no longer separate. I am the noise coming through the iron roof, I am the raindrops blowing against the windows, I am the pure dry earthen floor. There, I find peace. The storm rages around me, my body is battered by the elements, which are always trying to find a way in, but I float in my emptiness, my perfect state of formlessness and I am free from confines of my body and safe from the the terror of life. No footprints, no fingerprints, no attachment to anything. Just simply being.

...and that is how I would survive my own inner turmoil.
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Jan 16, 2013