Older Brother Addicted to Meth

My older brother has had countless relapse. Everyone in my family gave up on him because it didn't seem like he was willing to stay clean. The only reason why he would go to rehab because the judge ordered him to. If he doesn't he would be thrown in jail, or worse he would be deported since he's not a citizen.

Anyway, last year I decided I would help him since everyone refused to give him any more chances. I took him to rehab and he stayed there for six months. Again, he had a court order so he had no choice but to be admitted again to get rehabilitated. After he got out, he didn't have any place to stay so I opened my home to him, helped him find a job, and he stayed with us. He has been clean for more than a year, and on the way to get his life together. All of our family were so happy and proud of him believing that he had changed. So we thought. This weekend, he left my house without leaving a note saying where he was going and when he will be home. He was gone the whole weekend. Usually he would let me know if he was staying over at his friend's house or where he was going. I worry that he would start hanging out with his drug addicted friends again and get influenced. I don't control his life but knowing where he's going put my mind at ease that he won't be exposed to his old environment.

I felt furious, betrayed, sad that he did this again. We have moved to a three-bedroom house just to accomodate him. So he could have his own space, and privacy. I let him live with my family for almost a year and did everything I could for him to get his life back together. What did i get in return? All of this ****... He acted like he did nothing wrong and was very arrogant. It took him more than a year to get to where he was at, and it only took him one weekend to throw it all away. I kicked him out once I found out he's using again because I have children in my home.

Now, he's broke and after I kicked him out two days ago, he decided to live in a drug house where all his meth addict friends hang out. I suggested he should go back to rehab while it's still early since he just recently had the relapse. He won't listen to reason and kept saying that he can control himself this time. I heard that so many times, and he's so addicted to meth that he won't be able to control himself. I don't know why I feel this way. I should be more furious but in the end, I just feel so sorry for my brother because he'll never change unless he wants to not because a judge told him to.

My family and I have been through hell helping him but he's just selfish. My dad stopped talking to him years ago because he got tired of his relapses. And so am I. I just hope that it won't be too late for him when he does decide to change for himself.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

I think you gave every possible support ! he is not stupid he knows what he is doing . if there is still a true will of leaving the meth inside him .... he will be back .... prays can help you!!