Petticoating Of Boys

       A long time ago unruly and disrespectful boy children were given a special type of discipline.   They were indoctrimented into petticoat discipline.
The discipline did not usually include the use of physical force other then a minor spanking.   The boys would be dressed as a girl in full petticoats and dresses, stockings and flat shoes.   The boys not wanting to be seen immediate settled down.    The duration of being dressed in this manner depended upon the offenses the boy had committed.   It could have been for a day to several weeks.
       However in todays society in different parts of Europe and in England it is still practiced.    Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and nannies all who practice this still dress their young male charges in feminine garments.  Although for the most part petticoats have gone the way of the transistor radio
the boys are dressed in todays girls garments that express femininity.   Only dresses and skirts are used, none of the girls pants or shorts.  Different styles of panties and slips are used instead of the old pettipants and petticoats.
       According to those who practice this form of punishment the boys are much much more manageable.   They becoming more quiet and reserved.
None of the boisterous defiant attitudes or the their using of physical force against anyone.   Again the boys are fearful of being discovered by their peers.
they fear not only being seen by their male friends but the female friends as well.    Again the duration still varies with one exception that has been added,
that is the boys dresses are actually his.    Bought and paid for in his sizes.  Then they are kept in his closet, hanging next to his pants or suits as a constant reminder should he return to his old disrespectful ways.
       With so many boys being disrespectful of their parents, their teachers, or others.    With so many boys taking an active part in bullying other boys, or abusing girls should we start such discipline here in America.    It is not abuse, there is no physical harm.  It teaches rather openly that certain actions
can cause a set disciplines without beating or striking the child.    It is a tool to bring unruly and disrespectful boys into line before they become tyrants.
we have had enough tyrants in this world from Hitler to Saddam.   Maybe instead of weapons of mass destruction we should change over to dresses of mass instruction.
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I approve of sissy discipline

My mum used petticoat training - and now I have a wardrobe full of dresses and skirts!

Fantasies aside, there seems to be a misunderstanding about the nature of petticoat punishment. Until the 1920s, ALL children, boys as well as girls, wore dresses at least till they were potty trained; much longer in some wealthy families, and till as late as age 10 or 11 in a few eccentric families (look up childhood pictures of Ernest Hemingway or former US president Franklin Roosevelt). In any case, "Breeching," receiving that first pair of (short) trousers, was a major rite of passage for boys marking the transition from "little boy" to "big boy," just as getting that first pair of long trousers marked the transition from "boy" to "young man." Being put back in dresses was more about age regression than feminization. Hence no bras, no high heels, no make-up -- babies, toddlers and other young children still in dresses didn't wear such things. "Petticoat punishment" was more like putting an older boy back in short trousers -- for which there is also considerable fantasy literature. But for a boy in long trousers to be put back in dresses -- well, that was a double regression, therefore a far worse punishment.

Yes having your long trousers re substituted for a dress (pinafore frock) would be hard for the male psyche. A satin full skirt, lace collar and even silk bloomers under the skirt. It would be mortifying but effective. Thanks for the clarification Oldracer, and good info.

somebody do this to me i live in sulphur louisiana

Love when boys wear panties, bras and dresses

add spankings into the equation and that sounds good!

ooooh I luv this site

Some people want to cross dress. This will only encourage students to be bad.

Abuse child abuse

Perfect experience for all little boys!

This seems a tad transphobic and misogynist.

Oh wow what a great idea
bad boys get petticoat discipline

I would welcome seeing Petticoat Punishment being made more mainstream society. I think women would love it, and girls could practice on their terrible older or younger brothes!

Basically "humility" is a delicate balance. Something to be bestowed on our children without semi noshing their potential! Anyone have the exact reality that will insure this? Especially in an age where we degrade anything masculine, and favor anything emotionally feminine.

This wouldn't work. Many boys would develop a sexual attachment to the feminine clothing, and it would be pleasurable to dress up in female garments, rather than unfavourable. Educating the boys and girls on their bad behaviour, and telling them why they shouldn't do certain things (using reason, logic, etc.) would be more effective than dressing them up as the opposite gender or hitting them.

It sounds like a good thing to me. But, I like wearing dresses and petticoats.

I would see it as heaven, rather than hell.

I love your stories, and I see we have some things in common. I would love it if you would add me.

I personally experienced forced crossdressing. It's as near to rape as one can get.
I was ********, forcibly held down, spanked, humiliated and crossdressed by my mother and two aunts when I was six years old. It all happened in front of four girl cousins. I vividly remember the details, and the pain. I always thought that it was strange that something so painful as a child, would be such a strong attraction as an adult. I always wondered why my own mother would do something like that. I never acknowledged to any of those involved just how this one incident changed my life. I have long forgave those involved, but I sometimes wonder if they even know how it affected me, or perhaps how my life might have been different if it had not happened. I realize that it's just a fantasy to most, but I experienced it, and I'm not so sure I would want someone else to feel the rejection and self-doubt it created. On the other hand-what a walk on the wild side it has been. Please read the story. Its listed under I crossdressing punishment.

Perhaps you should call them on what they did to you, perhaps there is something for all to learn.

The current situation in the US is, as one woman put it, "there are clothes for females and unisex clothes."

In an ideal world, there would be just unisex clothes, period. A boy would be as unself-conscious in a dress as a girl is in jeans and a T-shirt.

In such a world so-called "petticoat discipline" would not exist because being a boy in a dress would be "no big deal."

Excellent reasoning!

that is heavy

just give me a dress to wrar and i will do it ptoudly

Your letter is so true, who needs bombs when we have feminine clothes.

This is something that should be started in the US now.

All of us might be surprised down the road. With the help of the computers and millions of younger ladies reading, a lot of things could change in the years to come.

Thanks for your letter.


thy should also be put in nappies (disposable or terry) and frilly plastic pants.

The thought of being punished by being feminized is so traumatic to a child but so delightful to the adult years later. I wear men's bikini briefs which are indistinguishable from skimpy panties. I also occasionally wear frilly plastic diapers when I go out in mixed company. Why? These garments help me remain in a semi-erect state throughout the work day. I often wonder how the women I meet would react if they only knew what I was wearing. Love your attitude, Kate.

sorry, but i prefer to be called katherin.

NP, Katherin. I still love your attitude.

I remember vividly being forced in the third grade to wear a ribbon in my hair because I annoyed some girls on their way to school. Usually they were great targets for snowball throwers. The delighted looks on the girls' faces as they watched me being humiliated stands out prominently. I think they enjoyed my emasculation enormously. This experience led to many happy fantasies over the years of forced crossdressing.

What happens if the child loves being dressed as a girl?

He should be allowed to be himself. Let him dress and remember the boy is still a boy even tho he chooses to look like a girl.

Some of those see-through petticoats would keep me happy for hours. I would love to go to a store and try on a few of them with the assistance of a supportive sales woman who delights in helping men become sissified.

just look on line or your phone book for western or square dance stores. Most towns have at least one and go try them on. I try them on at a store close to my home and they don't care as long as I buy something while I'm there.

As a 66 year old male who has, over the last 40 years, mentored dozens of TS and TG males I have found that 99.00% of stories from people who state that they have subjected boys to 'petticoating' and from boys who state that they have been subjected to 'petticoating' are nothing more than written masturbatory fantasies.

You're not looking hard enough. Go find that missing 1% of both story-types. The wish is father to the thought.

John08049, You are quite obviously part of the 1.00%. Your comment about being semi-erect shows quite clearly that you wear feminine underwear for erotic and not punishment purposes.

To put a pre-pubescent male into female clothes IS a form of sexual/child abuse. The effect of corrected behaviour is instilled by fear! Nothing less. Fear of being seen is caused by the fear of the bullying that will result from being seen.

To deliberately cause fear in a child is abuse, psychological abuse, but abuse nevertheless.

Fortunately most of the TS/TG males that I have dealt with have made their own choice, as obviously you have, but you still have a masturbatory component to your actions.

You do not say that you were subjected to petticoating merely to a ribon in your hair.

I stand by my commenmt that 99.00% of stories supposedly written by men who as boys were so subjected are mastutbatory fantasies, as are 99.00% of the stories about married men forced into crossdressing by dominant wives and then forced to observe the wives with a dominant lover.

If an adult chooses to act in this way - fine - no problem, but a child - NO!

I agree that it is a crime to force a child into humiliating cross dressing. I was dressed as a woman by my mother when I was 10 for a Halloween party. I did not feel any humiliation but the recollection of the experience a few years later gave me some interesting masturbatory fantasies. The sensation and image of ruby red lipstick being applied to my lips was almost climactic. The feel of silky cloth against my skin was exquisite. With the onset of puberty I explored my sister's and mother's closets and dressers occasionally with the stiffest erection imaginable. The thought of being caught only enhanced my heartbeat and bloodflow. Your 99% finding is probably spot-on but a lot of our stories here are fantasies anyway. Perhaps the only way we can make them a little more realistic is to put a pen to paper and drag them into the open.

Gender inequality is very prevalent, and as a premodern feminist I believe the walk in my shoes is a lesson that should be reinforced on both sides of the gender divide

Surely this is very sexist, even if it does work?
I think this teaches being like a girl is a shameful punishment, something to be frowned upon. Would girls be forced into boys clothes? No.

Actually I can conceive the princesses of this society could benifit from experiencing life from the perspective of the men they expect to care fore their every need. I'm all for a girl spending a moment or two in as a guy in this world

There is no need for girls to be so forced. It is now the norm for girls to wear trousers (slacks/jeans), the fact that the fly is on the wrong side is ahrdly noticable, so the fear of bullying by a boy dressed as a girl is absent when the roles are reversed.

Well maybe if enough guys keep wearing girls clothe the norm may turn to a better life for the sissy guys for sure.

Girls are already cross dressing everyday when they wear pants and shirts like the boys, so why cant the boys wear dresses when they want too.

Currently it is impossible for a female to cross-dress because currently "There are unisex clothes and clothes for females."

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As a piece of historical background, this is fine: there is ample anecdotal evidence to suggest that petticoat discipline used to be enforced, and was effective for exactly the reasons advanced in the article. The extent of it is a little difficult to assess, as some of the first-hand accounts written by people who say they had it done to them as boys seem to veer a bit into the realms of the implausible.

But I have serious doubts about the claim that in England it's still practised "in today's society". While the effect it would have is arguably beneficial, the reality is that once the Child Protection people got wind of anyone doing it, they'd have the Social Services all over them like a rash trying to get the boy(s) taken into care. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of it as a punishment, it's simply not these days politically correct to use it.

It is a crime to destroy a childs hope and smile.

I think that other forms of punishment would be far more effective than this one. The only thing this form of punishment does is destroy their self-esteem and confidence that they are valued by others. What you do using this form of punishment is give the childs peers (and a **** load of immature adults) permission to denegrate them (it is a humiliation punishment). If you ever recind the punishment those others won't get the message. It is a permanent punishment. Anyone that resorts to this punishment (not as a last resort) would deserve to lose that childs love and respect FOREVER!

Sounds like a great plan. In our society today, children in general, are not disciplined like they once were. Parents are afraid to spank their children they believe in reasoning or time outs. To most kids, this is not much of a punishment, sometimes a negative consequence to there actions is required, such as a good old fashioned spanking. <br />
<br />
But dressing our young boys would also work great, I have read many stories about how well this works. Plus I remember in school when the naughty boys had to move over to the girl's side of the room for punishment. They usually did not want to be noticed, so they kept their heads down. The feminine dressing of a young boy would have the same effect. So I say let's go for it!!

Are you saying the "punishment" for being unruly should be being made to look and act as a girl?<br />
<br />
This is beyond sexist.

It so is sexist! Actually even some voluntary aspects of cross-dressing are sexist. From the male who puts on panties for sexual release to the female who removes her breasts because they remind her of the woman she does not feel like she is.

We are sexual and in some ways the things we do are sexist. Which ones get top billing is only determined be who mostly gets upset.

I completely agree that a punishment that dehumanizes is a wrongly applied punishment. And in the case of petticoating it by it's nature suggests that being a woman is less then being a man. On the other hand a man who subjects a woman to any form of harassment should be made to walk in her shoes to understand the torment he has put her through!

There is a sexism involved, unfortunately the sexes in this day and age are not equal. This is why we call it sexist. When the sexes finally become equal. A woman in pants or a man in a dress will have no bearing!

go to google and type in "petticoat discipline" . A whole community of people into this lifestyle

Fine go to Google and then show any knid of proof that the 'whole commmunity of people' are anything more than fantasists!

Petticoat discipline, if it exists at all in fact, will be something kept very, very, quiet as it is a form of psychological child abuse and anyone inflicting it in reality could, if anyone ever found out what was happening Social Workers would have a field day.

i live in england and agree this form of punishment is really effective,when i was dressed i would be as quite as a mouse and do exactly as i was told to do,should be legalised to sort bullies etc out

I have read lots of articles over the years about petticoat discipline, and I like to imagine what it would have been like to be on the recieving end, in my fantasies I would have loved it to happen, but I dare say that in reality it would have been a very truamatic experience for a young boy to have this sort of punishment imposed upon him, I was forced diapered and have posted my experiencies about that, it was a horrible period in my childhood and yet, now I enjoy wearing them and have done since I was eventually freed from being forced into them, as kids we are so receptive and when abusive punishments are used on a child those memories can cause us a lot of silent suffering in later life. whilst there is plenty written on the subject of forced petticoating I my self have yet to be convinced that the practice was as wide spread as we would think it to be, and that for the most part much of what we read is just pure fantasy, this is of course just my own personal opinion, and I am willing to be corrected if I am wrong, just wondered what others think about this ..was or is forced petticoting of boys as wide spread as we would think or is there very little actual truth in it's popularity as a punishment...?

Hi Melodie, I visit the sit on a regular basis and doubtless there are some truths in there, but when you read between the lines some things in my mind would not be credible, for example I have read of cases where a husband recieves the full baby girl treatment and sits in a playpen sporting little girl clothing with diapers underneath and sucking a bottle whilst his wife has her friends around, and when I read stuff like this I am apt to question the credibility of that item, don't get me wrong I would love to be that guy or at least in my fantasies I think that I would, I wear nappies and have a little side but could I bare the brunt of having this side of me exposed to family and friends I doubt it very much,
Thank you for your imput here
Kind regards dave

Hi Melodie. I've submitted a couple of stories on the site about when we were boys here in Scotland and when we wore our first kilts we would be given girls navy blue or bottle green schoolknickers to wear under it. This wasnt punishment it was because these knickers were available and were discreet under a kilt if the wind blew it up or if you sat down carelessly so that people could see up the kilt. Also highland dancers had to wear navy blue knickers always. The knickers we wore as boys would be green with a green kilt and navy with most other kilts tartans. Girls would always lift the back of our kilts to see what colour we had on so if punishment was needed in this way a naughty boy could possibly find himself with a green kilt and pink frilly girls knickers under it!

So just because a web site has lots of posts does this mean that the stories are true? I would need lots more proof that a story on a web site before I believed this was actually going on.


Hear! Hear!

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i would have loved this kind of punishment, being a guy that wants to become a girl, i would have enjoyed every second of this.

Me to :)

How "respectful" is it to children to degrade them? Respect is not a given, it is the outcome of a relationship. What you call "respect" (of children toward their parents) is more akin to compliance secured by fear. We cannot win the respect of children by disrespecting them and forcing them into obedience. In fact this is more likely to result in negative behaviors fueled by a deep resentment. Degradation and humiliation is always abusive. -And if "petticoat discipline" was not degrading, it would not be at all effective.

Unfortunately boys believe girls are less then they are! Perhaps a say in their shoes might subject them to the position of being vulnerable as the position most boys believe women are might have a strong influence on their perceptions of what a girl woman really is?

All boys should be girls until they show othewise

Petticoating realizes my other self and lets me be all of me<br />
The boy side will always be there

rather get beaten to a bloody pulp.

I would love to have had petticoat discipline used on me<br />
<br />
It would have been far better than the strap and way more effective.

This was one great piece of writing! I new a very special friend Named Miss Susan MacDonald Who state Petticoat discipline Monthly back in January 2000. You and her would get along wonderfully. She help me with my writing and sent me well over $800 Worth of book dealing with the subject of writing to no coat of mined. She had stated many times that some of the stories on her web site are more that likely fake or just pure fantasy. thank you for your wonderful input.

Try growing some rhubard or perhaps hang out with some young welcks, and Linda Snell.

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Don't blame the illegals for entering our country uninvited, stealing identities and commiting fraud to take what they have no right to? Just because our government beaurocracy is so corrupt and sloppy with the money of americans, is no reason to steal it.<br />
Where do you get this kool aid?<br />
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Wow! Corporate america is responsible for our illegal problem? Wow! ... We allow sanctuary cities where LAW enforcement are forbidden to ask residency status, but employers are the ones at fault? ... We have colleges and Universities who identify illegals, and give them in state tuition rates, and help them apply for grants ... but it is corporate america's fault? We give illegals subsidized housing and free schooling, unable to ask if they are here legally ... and that too is the fault of corporations? ... Obama and the federal government sues Arizona because only the federal governement has illegal alien jurisdiction, and then turns right around and tells California it is up to California to deal with Diaz, the illegal maid? ... and this is the fault of corporate america? When did corporate america get handed the duty of law enforcement?<br />
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Just today OHio busted three illegals with 2800 pounds of marijuana and close to a million dollars in cash. The mexican drug cartel is moving to our neighborhoods ... and it is corporate america's fault? You've obviously been listening to MSNBC and NPR .. america's propoganda network. Is it not Obama and the democrats who want amnesty? I don't recall seeing any corporate sponsers... did I miss something?

Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona puts his inmates in pink underwear .. and uses pink handcuffs ... takes the macho steam out of the thugs.....<br />
See this is actually the same sort of remedy that mothers use by putting a boy who has too big of a male ego putting him in something pink and girlie and bringing his attitude down to earth.

I used the same concept in my classrom, though unintentionally. I had a printed seating chart that I used to take roll, as well as give my substitutes a way of keeping track of the kids. I put the troublemakers in red. However, my printer was set to ink-saver mode and the troublemakers came out in pink! All it took was one complaint from one of my troublemakers, when he saw his name in pink, for me to recognized what I had stubbled into.

Petticoat disciple works, but like anything else, it can and has, been abused. As an instructional tool it is well worthwhile. As a method of inflicted abuse and power plays, it can be devastating. What hasn't been said here is WHY it works. As long as women are perceived as second-class citizens and lower than males, this will be an effective tool for those that understand how to make use of it. Once women are perceived as having full equality, the embarassment and humiliation that petticoat discipline imposes will no longer work. I suspect that when that occurs the issue of 'dress' won't be an issue any longer. Since there will always be cretins, I believe this form of discipline will still show up.

A very interesting story that was well written, I had heard about it before, where in a prison in the USA male prisoners are only issued with big PINK SILKY PANTS, no male underpants.

Bobbie13, and others, I am starting to agree that putting a boy in a dress, dressed completely as a girl would allow him to be part of a world that would always be denied him. I was raised by a father that believed the belt was the answer to make a boy behave. Initially being put in a dress would be probably embarrassing, but, for me it would have felt right. As a soldier I saw the evidence first hand of what a tyrant is capable of, and with the death of my soldiers, the real cost of war. I was with an organization that was responsible for finding out about the truth about Sadams activities and whether he had the weapons he was accused of. We had to go through all his videos, databa<x>ses, photos, and intelligence files and view first hand the photographic and electronic evidence of his attrocities. Sadam was abused as a child, and punishment was the method in which he was raised as a child. His goal was to be the supreme leader of the entire middle-east, so that he could hold the rest of the world hostage. I will always live with these images of his beheadings and tortures. We can't continue to solve our problems with violence and larger weapons, we have to find another way. I putting a boy in girls clothes and treating him as a girl will keep him from beating up on his wife or beating his children when they misbehave, it would be worth it to everyones future. I wish I would have had many of your experiences. Thank-you for sharing. Elizabethjane.

I believe in the punishment fitting the crime. Many boys age 7-14 engage in teasing and picking on girls. I think for a habitual offender, putting him in a dress complete with appropriate lace-trimmed undergarments is a delicious remedy, and one that is sure to appease the aggrieved girl(s). The dressing should be as complete and convincing as possible, in the girliest outfit, complete with curled hair and ribbons. In order for the boy to express his contrition and end his chastisement, would have to act like the girl he now appears for a time, or be kept in a dress until he does. This, I am sure, would cure his chauvinistic behavior, and give satisfaction to the offended girl(s)

I agree completely, for many boys their offense happens as a result that they don't have a clue as to what their victims has to experience!

I disagree with crossdressing for boys when it is meant as a punishment. Because it offends the girls as wearing clothes minor in human value. However, if boys want to be clad like girls - this is wonderfull, now they start understanding what a girl is really like.

This is my point as well. With the caveat that gender roll play should be encouraged so as to form empathetic feelings for the positions of gender in a modern society. I person believe that was a society fail to teach proper and improper behaviors because of the improper behaviors of the past. Societies expectations on it's populous are it's morals. Looking around today, I sense a very big void in social morals. Respect isn't taught with a stick as it was once believed, nor is it taught with psychological undermining, it's taught through communication, respect, restitution and responsibility of action. One good way of doing this, is when a boy or girl is disrespectful of another boy or girl this child should be put into the life and role of that child who was disrespected. i.e. A boy who chooses to tease, or abuse a girl, should have the tables turned, and should include being amerced in her role and with the use of female clothing so as to validate remind this boy of that role. The out come to be, this is what it feels like when you disrespect a person.

gosh idon't know about you but i would have loved this, i started dressing in girls clothes at about 5 o 6 yrs old and later met a boy who encouraged me to dress up for him which i did and loved. my first real ****** happened when i was dressed up

Forgoing the "issues" re this practice, disciplining a boy by making him go dressed as a girl dates at least from Victorian times, and (discounting the fetish fantasy stories) it is apparently still employed, albeit rarely. The evidence from the actual cases, however, shows that, regardless, it does, indeed, "work." For reasons that should be understandable, this practice proved most effective on adolescent youths, especially if they were made to go in a short skirt. In any case, subjecting a boy to this method of discipline would be judged child abuse in most places nowadays & so illegal...


Quote - disciplining a boy by making him go dressed as a girl dates at least from Victorian times - unquote.

This is incorrect. In Victorian times ALL boys were dressed as girls until they were 'breeched', i e put into breeches - boys trousers. It was not punishment and no shame or fear was involved as all boys were treated the same.

I must say that I disagree with this kind of punishment.<br />
For example, you seem to say that punishment today is too lax, and that that makes boys act out.<br />
You also say that this kind of punishment makes children more manageable. <br />
The problem with a manageable boy, is that he grows up to be a manageable man, which will make him weak, prone to be abused and taken advantaged of by his peers.<br />
Men like that are rarely successful, rarely happy,and often entirely submissive.<br />
And this is the "positive" outcome, as it can also result in a bitter, hysteric man, prone to violence, as he gets no respect.<br />
I have to admit that these two examples are extremes, but what connects them isn't really that attractive either.<br />
Then, of course, there is the unfortunate implication that female=shameful, which might cause him to become misogynistic as he reaches adolescence. <br />
<br />
There is of course the chance that the child might well rebel against this form of control, and grow up to be an independent, well balanced person, but that will result in a person seeing you (and if you are unlucky, every other woman) as an aggressor, and an enemy, putting a lot of stress on his relation to any women, you included.<br />
<br />
What I am trying to say, I guess, is that as a parent, one does not only have to raise a good, obedient boy,but also a strong, independent man. <br />
After all, you don't want to have him living in the ba<x>sement at the age of thirty, right?

I don't disagree with much of that which you have written. And I strongly agree with your point "female = shameful", and all that leads to. I want to add though, that there are quite a number of strong females who wear dresses. It's obvious to me that it's not the dress but, the attitude and the shame that is associated with it, this to me as well is a poor way to teach discipline. I would advocate though time spent in an others shoes to awaken a since of empathy and connectivity through experience and roll play.
My question is always, how do we as parents and society, create the correct amount of humility in a "person" so as they become well balanced and productive leaders in their personal pursuits? To know that personal achievement does not have to fall on the backs of others lack of achievement or failure. I really hate the extremes, be they the extreme violent behaviors of some males or the extreme weak or victim posture in some females and also vise verse. Our society today needs to challenge that which causes people to go to these extremes. Not raining in a boys or girls abhorrent behavior doesn't make him or her a leader but, it can make him/her a tyrant. Sadly, we still have this stereotype that men must be the aggressor, must be the provider, must always be on the top of his ball game to be truly considered a man. (so unfair to those men who were born with a lack of those traits naturally). The strongest shall survive is such a primal mind set and of little value in a culture were we need to value all our citizens for their contributions. I believe it is those expectations that has caused the male of our species to continue to live and thrive in a world that still can't maintain any resemblance of peace and harmony.
I understand that there are threats which require strong people to be defensed against. I just don't believe that this fact of life is do to the fact that we don't have strong willed men, in fact I believe it is why. (yes, throughout history their have been a fair share of female tyrants.) When we expect people to be have badly they typically do. So then, let nature take it's course (not teaching values, respect and humility) and continue our violent trends, or to socially construct a normality that lest individuals in tat society be individuals as an individual with respect resource and remembrance without being defined by his or her sex. Teach individual responsibilities and social responsibilities in a healthy and productive way, sans gender stereotypes and I think we will all benefit for it.

We in America in the schools used a lighter version. As you know girls sat on one side of the room while boys the other. Boys who acted up were made to move their desks and sit on the girls side. This was to punish the boy without using violent means to accomplish conformity.

Yes, although you probably were not being disrespectful, just unruly or not adhering to what you were told to do. You were taught that not obeying the rules meant consequences. This form of punishment meant your mother did not have to physically restrain or whip your with a switch or belt.<br />
Did you know some the church schools in England also used this form of discipline. You are living proof that petticoat discipline does work and is effective without promoting violence. thank you for your contribution.


You state elsewhere that you are American, I am not I am English and I would like to have details of the names and addresses of "some [of] the church schools in England [that] also used this form of discipline.

If you cannot do so, or if you refuse to do so, I would request that you immediately withdraw this particular statement as it shows neither authenticity, support or respect without back-up confirmation of these details.