A Year Being A Girl

I was about 6 and i was starting first grade as most young boys do they dont like girls alot and one day I was teasing a girl about her clothes and said some stuff that I should'nt have I was sent to the princeables office and sent home. The next day my mom woke me up early and took me to the bathroom and washed me up.After that she came back when some clothes and said here I said that these aren't mine and she said they are so I did'nt argue with her so i put them on.Then she stainted my hair(thank god my hair was long) and she told me that I would have to wear girls clothes for awhile.she took me to school 30 minutes early she said that it was me and asked if I could be the new girl in class and the princeable asked why I was dressed like this so my mom explained and when class started the teacher made me come up and introduce my self so in my girlyest voice i said my name was alexa.At recess I went to go play baseball with the boys and they told me that girls cant play so i played hopscotch with the other girls. When I got home my mom was and she told me we were going shopping so we went to the mall and buyed me some girls clothes. The next morning mom made me take a bath and strainted my hair again this time she put some make up on me. At school the boys teased me about my clothes and said I was ugly at recess they were again playing baseball and said I couldnt play and so I played with the girls again This went on for a year. but I would try them on again and sometimes go outside
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And barry doesn't have to lighten up... He's right it is near impossible to believe that given only what is in the story that a mother would subject her kid to an entire years punishment because he thought girls had cooties.

There is NOTHING, NOTHING that a first grader can say to justify an entire years punishment! Those of you singing the accolades of this mother... Stop judging ba<x>sed upon your personal appetites and judge on the facts.

I'm trying to figure what your mother was doing to your hair! I'm thinking she was brushing it? Or straightening?

this happened to me but for my whole elementary school i was known as a girl and my mother said that i moved schools until highchool i was back to my self

@Barry, lighten up.

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Oooooooh why cent that happen to me

What a wonderful experience, fishy ! I envy you. During the primary classes I have always been seated among the girls and envied them for their beautiful dresses and petticoats, but could only dress myself hiding on the attic or sometimes in the back of our large garden. Oh, I would have loved to be dressed as one of the girls publicly at school !<br />
What happened after this one year of petticoat punishment ? Having girlsĀ“ clothes now, did you wear them at home ? Also, can you tell us how the girls reacted to your new status at school ?

You had such a lovely Mother!

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this story is fictitious. I have read it before. Please, only put up true tales.