Love The Idea Of Boys Being Made To Wear Girl's Clothes

I have never had to be forced to wear feminine attire. from an early age I was wearing Mom's clothing with her knowledge if not outward help. I think she liked the idea that I was at home and not getting into trouble. This was fine with me as I loved her clothes and hated mine. Now it is with both her consent and help.

That said I think it would be better if boys were to experience the feel of being a girl. As said I think it would go a long way to changing some attitudes in this world.

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I also wish that I had been afforded the opportunity to explore some of these feelings as a child. I had to sneak my younger sisters underwear, leotards and swimsuits when no one was home to try them on and see what they feel like.<br />
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I enjoy my female swimsuits, leotards, panties and now I have started looking for a skirt. I have a kilt in the mail.

It is great that you found a way to "stay out of trouble", as a child. Trying on our mom's clothes or dressing as a girl definitely does not hurt anyone. Unlike drugs, alcohol, tobacco or gangs that alot of our youth are getting involved with today. I feel that if your child wants to try or enjoy doing something that is not harmful or illegal they should be allowed to do it. Whether it is dressing up or a diaper fetish this is non harmful behavior, and it should be the child's decision as to how far publicly they take their fetish.<br />
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Also alot of video games and tv shows promote violence. Again spending time as a girl enjoying a tea party and playing other games inside or out; or a child that decides that they want to regress in diapers for a few hours and enjoy the comfort of diapers is alot healthier and safer than the child being out on the streets doing drugs or other things that are harmful or illegal.

I agree with what everyone has said previously, I think all little boys should be given the opportunity be little girls at home, but, as said earlier, it has to be his choice, they should be able to wear panties, slips and dresses, play with dolls, and become mommies little helper, learning all the daughter things she can teach them, they should be able to smell pretty, and have their hair curled, ribboned and styled, if you read my story, you will soon find out how much we have in common, but, because I did not share my real little girl feeling and thoughts with my mom, I missed out on what I really wanted, that was to be mom's daughter, I would very much like to be your friend, I have so much love for the opportunities your mom afforded you, <br />

I don't think many boys would need to be forced. Most boys I've been involved with love having the opportunity to dress up from time to time :)

I definitely agree that boys should be allowed and supported to explore their feminine side. They should not be forced but I do believe that many boys would take the opportunity to experiment with their femininity in a supportive nonjudgemental atmosphere.