Bing Brought Up As A Girl

Thankyou for your coomments on the start of my story.When mum decided I was going to be a girl I was only two so I had all my clothes picked for me.taking part in P.E. was not that bad yes I did PE with the girls and wore what the same as the other girls I was allowed to shower five minuites before the rest of the girls came in to get changed although I was always made to shower wearing my knickers.My best friend carol knew I was a boy and loved it many of the teachers also knew my true sex the teachers was not that bothered they were to teach and not to chosse my wardrobe.Being brought up as a girl made me a stronger person joining the army at seventeen was a experience in it self but I will share that story with you another time.I was interviewed by the doctors but they could see no harm as I told them I wanted to be girl as I did not any other way of life I have got some great pictures of me as I was growing up and I will post them on line as soon as I get the time The one thing I found being brought up as a girl was I was not short of female friends and i was all ways invited to birthday partys I think they wanted to see the pretty  party dress I was wearing. My wife died suddley in sept 2010 I did not get the chance to say goodbye she rang me at 8:50 to say she had dilled 999 and by 9:00 she had died. why am I telling you this is she was my best friend and went out of her way to keep kathrine alive I still go out as a woman but not in the clothes I want to wear outside.My clothes blend in and I am the only one that knows what I am wering   
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This was not abuse, this was very thoughtful of your Mom and as you and anyone else can see, you did fantastic and you were married (really sad about your wife) so I guess that you have and are still having a good life. Barry is SOOOOO wrong, your story is so sweet.

this is not abuse. being encouraged to join the army, or being discouraged from following your own path-that's abuse.

you were to young to decide. Many mothers want a girl instead of a boy, and happens the same that to you...