I Was A Son Then A Daughter

Stting here in a pretty dress thinking back growing up in the late 60s most of the girls i now was wearing dresses no pants i had my report card i had a couple D well my mother was going to discipline me so told me to that if i was a girl i would get better gradesi got smart with her i told her well im not a girl my mother had me take off my clothes she had me shave my whole body except my head when done she handed me put a pink garter belt on panties and bra to match then she show ed me how to put the stocking on i look at myself i was a girl my mother handed me a petticoat slip she help me with the skirt and the blouse it button in back the heels had 3inch heels she took me tothe salon the y did a toal makeover on me when they were done my nails and my hair my eyebrows were arched thin iwas a teenage girl when i got home all my male clothes were gone my room was a girls room i never was male never more
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Mary thank you for sharing. May I ask you if any more was done to you to reshape your body? .....such as hormones? Did you come to accept this quickly? Do you love being a teenage girl? I'd love to hear more. You sound amazing.

That's great! :)

I'm surprised they did not pierce your ears while you were getting your makeover in the salon. Then you would have worn earrings all the time like many other teenage girls.

good mother

Good for your mom, Mary, and you should give her a big hug and thank you! Wonderful mom you have ...

you were so lucky!

Thank you for sharing another wonderful experience, but, I was curious if your mom had dressed you up much earlier? Please keep sharing your experiences,<br />