Me And My Girlfriends Mammy

When me and my girlfriend first started going out everything was normal she was very attractive very powerful but I never dressed in her clothes until one night I was at her mams house,her mam was 40 and I was a young 13 I was using the toilet and seen a pair of knickers so I stole them and eventually left,my girlfriends mam knew and blamed her son who was 8 and as punishment made him into a girl but he would only wear her undies have his hair like a girl makeup and if he left the house was then dressed as one.I kept stealing her knickers until I got caught in her knicker draw! She told me I'd suit pink satin and laughed and ordered me to leave the room,my face was red and she kept laughing until the next day I went and there was knickers on her bed she called me to the room and told me to pick a pair,I did and then she. ******** me naked started teasing me she was wearing a tight black skirt White satin blouse heels and hair done she put the knickers on me asking me how I felt when I said I didn't like it she told me to shut up and stop being naughty we went back over to the mirror for her to lift up her skirt and show me she had a pair the same she tuk my hand and put it on her bum she put hers on mine and told me we looked good,I now dress as a girl for her iv became a girl and Shea now my mammy and the only woman in my life my girlfriend has a new boyfriend who I have to get on my knees for and do what girls do :)
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add me sweetie

wait till u get it in the rear like girls do to. Then u will be a girl forever.