My First Time

I was about 5 years old
And my older.cousin was taking care of me
She took me to her house then up to
Her bedroom
******** off all of my clothes
Put pantys on me then
Thick tights
A t shirt with a long frilly lace bottom (pink and white)
(it was a petticoat but I dident know what to call it then)
she pulled a turtleneck over my head
Then she pulled a pink and black lumper dress on
And zipped it up in back.
Next she bucked a pair of black Mary Janes on My feet
Then a pink sweater was pulled on
That buttoned on the left side and shoulder she unbuttoned it
A little at the park to show her friend the top of my dress and
Lacy turtleneck underneath
(I remember it was a cool fall day
She comes out my hair(it hurt)
Then tied ribbons in it.
we went to the zoo
I remember how the tights felt secure and warm
(and I kept playing with the lace in the petticoat)
And her friend had her two daughters with her (more on this later)
They were older than me but very nice
And my cousin too k pictures
When we got home
She put my clothe back on and said
Don't tell your mom
If you liked our dress up we can do it again..

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May 19, 2012