Footed Pajamas..

when I was a little boy my mom went away for her job often
so I would stay with one of her friends or family
this time mom went away for a month and i was going to stay with a friend of my godmothers.(karen)
she had 3 girls all older than me..
I was 10 years old and I was supposed to go to their house after school..
but me being me (it was feburary) I went sledding after school with friends..
I walked to karens house well after dark...and i began to sleet and rain......
by the time I got there I was soaked from head to toe.
as soon as i walked up on the porch karen opend the door.....her youngest daughter was standing behind her.(tina)
she just said get those clothes off now ....she pulled me in the the ktchen
with a slap to the face I pulled off all my clothes karen then called all of the girls to watch
and she spanked me hard over her knee embarrissing and It stung too,i cried like a baby.
and told tina to run a bath for me.
Karen then brought me to the bathroom and
( i told her i can wash my self )
she said be quiet you dident even know to come home here right after school...a slap to my behind( get in he tub)
karen washed me (with scented soap powerded my body afterward.then wraped a towel around me..
she told tina to come in bathroom (while karen went into her bed room) and had me sit on the toilet (tina brushed out my hair)
after a few minutes karen came to the bathroom and pulled me into her bed room..
I started crying again (becuase instead of my boys pajamas there was a girls thermal under wear top on the bed....
a pullon heavy pink panty (training pant?)pink plastic pants and pink one piece footed pajamas
wheres my clothes? karen said I have plenty of clothes for bad boys!!
Im not wearing them ...another spanking worse then the first...then I complied. laid down on the bed.
she pulled the heavy panties on then the pink plastic pants they had lace on the leg holes and back.
then I was told to stand up and then she pulled the thermal top down over my head.
next I stepped into the footed sleeper i had white cuffs and zipped up on the left side then buttoned at the shoulder.
she led me out of the bedroom to the living room and told the girls (when i got to the house they were all in their pajamas)
heres your new baby sister who wants to take care of her ......??
They all laughed except (tina)i cried....
Tina brought me to her room (shes the youngest and asked her mom if she could fix my hair ..)
Tina put my hair in a french braid and put a ribbon in it (as I sobbed)
she told me not to cry she always liked me and was happy I was there
to stay with her she asked me if I was warm and told me I was wearing her old clothes...
i asked her why am i in a diaper?she said she used to wet the bed (and her mom figured i would too.)
karen came in after a while then put me to bed I slept in tinas lower bunk bed.
cried my self to sleep......more later....

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1 Response May 20, 2012

Lovely story! I love the three daughters and how they appreciated the way you were dressed in girlie PJs!