A Girl For 5 Months

I was in 5th grade I bullied a girl making fun of her clothes she told on me and then I got sent home. My mom woke me up super early she made me take off my clothes and put on a dress,bra,heels,a wig. then my mom did my hair and make up. when she was done I looked like a real girl. Then she put somthing on me that made my voice girly. She gave me 30 dollars and dropped me off at the mall. she told me to buy only girl clothes I called my mom on the pay phone I told her I was done shopping. When I was back my room was pink and my boy's clothes and shoes were gone. Some other girls were there my mom told me to talk to them. I did. They became my BFF's.
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add me sweetie

Nice story, but needs a lot more filling out, like what you bought and what happened afterwards, like for school.