Petticoated And Diapered

This is a continuation of a Childhood memory )
during February school vacation my mom
Went away so I stayed with a family friend
Karen and her 3 girls the girls were all older
Than me.
I arrived at their house very late 8 pm
It was a Friday nite (I was bathed forced into
Diapers , plastic panties and pink footed pajamas
I slept on the youngest daughters lower bunk
Bed ....(Tina) I was 9 yrs old Tina 11
Tina's mom got us up we ate breakfast
Then she took me to Tina's room first
******** the footed pajamas off
Then the thermal top Then I noticed
Clothes on the bed.....a very frilly pink and
Grey dress I cried I'm not wearing that
She pulled me over her knee pulled down
The panties and diaper spanked me then
( I still remember this ) she then put her finger
Up my anus I was shocked and said I was to
Behave as her little sissy girl then she put
Vaseline on my bum crack and little ******
Pulled the diaper and plastic panties back up
Then a t shirt with a poofy petticoat bottom
Turtleneck thick tights, then she pulled the
Dress down over my head it had lots of rows of lace
Grey on the front and all around the skirt itself
And it buttoned up the back it had short sleeves
With lace on them too I sobbed how can I go to
Pee ? she said baby's use their diapers
Karen said Tina and I were going with her to
Do errands Tina got dressed in the same outfit
As I .... Karen then put thick knit leggings on
The we're pink and white put my hair (this was early
70s boys had long hair)inBraided ponytails white ribbons
And a Barrett in my hair (it hurt)
Then her mom dressed me I rubber boots
A red and white girl hooded winter coat
It ha fur trim on the hood
A zipper and buttons and white mittens
Attached to the sleeves ...
Tina had almost the same out fiit on
Except for the leggings Karen took some pictures
Of us in front of her house the other girls were
Gong over a friends house.....
We all rode the bus then the train To go down town We had some breakfast together Then Karen brought us to a department store Tina and I tried on one piece snowsuits Karen bought us both matching blue Suits with hoods and they had a red stripe down the left Side and a zipper on the left that went across the chest It had stirrups cuffs that went around your feet the legs wouldn't ride up And it had a collar that snapped around the base of the hood (when the hood was up it covered from my chin to my nose) The snowsuit was way big for me (I hated it a first ) I wore it for a few years until I out grew it.. When I outgrew my snow suit . (Karen dressed me in Tina's ) That's another story...... Then we went to the movies and we saw snow white And the7 dwarves I told Karen during the movie that I had to use the bathroom She said number one or two I said number one.... Well I peed my diaper during the movie...... After the movie Tina bought some clothes for Tina And some plastic rhumba panties and snap on diapers for me I tried to run away in the store but I could not .... When she was buying them..... I got dragged into the ladies changing room Spanked again diaper changed in front of her friend the clerk... She made me come out and show the clerk ladies my diapered Bum and plastic rhumba panties under my petti and dress They all laughed and said I was adorable Back on went the tights and leggings and boots ...... I was very happy to have on the tights and leggings Be uase it was very cold out . Tina complained she was cold So Karen dressed her in her new snowsuit.... I was warm I learned to love the feeling of the diaper ,plastic laced rhumba pants krinkling Under the tights and the secure warmth of the leggings.... More to come . Karen babysat me for years .....

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Jun 12, 2012