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My "sister" Eric

When I was about 12 years old I discovered my 9 yr old brother preening and posing in the mirroe in my room. I was shocked and angry at first but when he cried and tried to explain how wonderful it felt to wear my silky things I melted. Soon we were conspiring to dress him as much as possibloe in my older things...since then "Erica" has beenmy fond and loving sister. There is a lot to tell,but this is enough for now. THanks for this chance Love Noelle
nhastings nhastings 26-30, F 8 Responses Jun 21, 2012

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The feel of petticoats is heavenly

You are a wonderful sister and your brother is a lucky boy.

Look forward to hearing more

What a great sister you are!! My older cousin caught me and did exactly as you. A big thanks to all you great ladies!<br />
Love<br />

the beginning to a happy, but sometimes frustrated life.....................<br />
I love my girly things, when I'm in my room

I hope you had a wonderful time teaching him

This is really great you had her be abloe to express himself with you. You are one very cool big sister and sharing your things with him.

thank you for being a cool big sister & sharing your things with Erica. I wish I'd had an understanding big sister too