My Son Is Out Of Control

My son had done some very disturbing things , his actions have caused
some people to advise me his male hormones are not normal.

I'd like to feminize him for his own safety and future

my apologies if my post does not suit this group.
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Petticoat discipline.

you could also baby him up to. Put him in diapers and get a pair of plastic pink panties they come with a chain and lock and you will bring him down..This will bust his bubble good binkeyboy

While effective, and powerful, and in many cases for the boy, enjoyable, Petticoat Discipline is frowned upon in this day and age, and in some situations, leaves the parent more subjected to scrutiny and DCF charges.

While I personally wish my parents used this method, and support it, I do caution you before using it.

There is no question that you boy will be boys, but my advise is two fold, boys advtivities desire adventure, they also need control to keep them civil. Experiences are great for boys and girls thus boys should absolutely experience the joys of feminity if no more then to balance their brovado!

Boys will experience the joy of femininity when they reach puberty. Cross dressing isn't necessary. What they need is counseling, not humiliation at the hands of his mother. She would really screw up the boy.

I said nothing about humiliation! and advocated that boys need adventure and activities to satisfy their nature. And I'm not sure if you were advocating a sexuality in your "boy's will experience femininity at puberty" or not, but that is an other good reason to diminish the sexualization of boys and girls by administering a little harmless imagination increasing and respect forming "gender role play"!

Ya, right!:(

Please do feminize him, I believe it is always appropriate. And please let us know how it turns out.

When she destroys the boys life, she'll get back to you tell you all about it.