During A Very Warm Summer Boys Were Caught Playing With Fire- More Petticoating Required

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Australia and its east coast has had a very warm past week or so- with degrees passing the 40 degrees celcius and plenty of hot, windy, dry conditions.

To the extend that 132 fires were burning accross NSW- that is a lot of fires, with Victoria to the immediate south also having numerous fires and so did Tasmania [the tiny island to the south of Australia].

these fires are due to many parts of AUstralia receiving heaps of rain from January 2012 to july 2012, and little rain since and just hot windy, dry conditions.

Yet while all this is going on 3 teenage boys decide during a very hot day- oh letts go and light another fire right next to some syndey houses.

I beleive the 3 boys should be petticoated until the middle of next summer as they are clearly out of control.

here are some news paper links to put into google to give some idea on just how bad it is here in Australia at the moment,


Which boy would go lighting fires while wearing a button back dress, panties, bra and corset- very few if any.
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If I was ever forced to out a petticoat on if slit the persons throat for making me have to do that as a punishment.

Hard to do that when the person being petticoated is a 6 year old boy if my plans come to fruition - typical that a male resorts to violence over something like this.

Maybe this would work. It's crazy.

please explain whats wrong with petticoating boys to stop them lighting grass fires that could become a lot worse???

Sorry - I meant that lighting the fires was crazy, not the punishment

ahh right- its good to hear u take the same opinion as me. At that point in time it was stupidly hot accross much of the state and other states as well.

Since then QLD [a northern state that gets rather tropical weather] has been wreaked with havoc via floods. with many houses, business's just going under.

Thats after its common to see houses built on 9 foot + stilts so the floor is 9 foot in the air with the roof even higher- below is where they store there car/ boat/ back freezer/ washing machine and dryer ect. DUring floods this stuff will be moved up stairs out of reach if they have time.

sounds like a good ideal please add me