I've been single for over a year now and yes guys ladies also have needs and it had been a long time.  I found myself increasingly scheming about how to procure for myself some sex.  Nothing seemed to be coming up (pardon the pun) because I'm not a big bar person and so on.  So I kind of took things into my own hands and got pretty aggressive with this guy I know as a school acquaintance but we'd never hung out otherwise.  I'd had a bad day and taken a tranquilizer but then went over to his place at 10:30 at night, drank Baileys and then whiskey and then things happened as they do.  I knew exactly what I was doing when I went over to his place and basically offered myself and I thought it went pretty damn well.  I also thought I'd made it clear that I would be up for it again anytime.  But then he never contacted me back so finally I called and asked if we were ever going to do that again.  Not hearing from him made me feel sort of cheap and slutty but also just flat out undesirable.  And  then his answer made things worse: he said no AND that he hadn't really been thinking about it.  It's bad enough that he doesn't want to do it again but he wasn't even thinking about it??  I thought it was a guy's fantasy for a girl to offer him no-strings attached on-call sex.  So now I'm not sure if I totally misread the initial situation and he wasn't ever really into it, or if he's just really focssed on school, or if he didn't believe me when I said that I wasn't interested in an emotional relationship.  Either way now I'm back to square one in regards to the lack of sex access AND I'm still going to have to see him at school.  Just ****.

Does this sound like it was probably a bad decision from the start?

lokilux lokilux
26-30, F
Mar 22, 2009