I Just Found Out My Sucker Fish Died :(

You know those people who just have green thumbs and anything and everything they touch grows and flourishes?

Im not one of them.

I got a 10-gallon fish aquarium for valentine's day and i bought all the fish and tiki dudes and the cool colored rocks

and last week i went to get a sucker fish with my Dad, bacause he is the fish guru, and i thought it wouldbe fun.

5 mins ago i found my little sucker fish Melvin swimmng sideways. Im so sad.

i fee like a failure at life and pet raising...

:(   -lalasmith

lalasmith lalasmith
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

i think something might have been wrong with the plecostomus.

Dont feel like a failure. You did everything to make your tank presentable and ready to go. Something may have already been wrong with your fish before you got it. I have several animals and it includes fish so I know how you feel. hang in there!