Time To Shape Up And Ship Out!

I some how manage to spend money faster than i make it and i now have save around about 5k in 6 months!! for a 9 day beaut of a cruise on a wage of $650 p/w estimate

lets estimate values and see how much ill be able to save each week NOT INCLUDING BILLS *crosses fingers*

$650 Pay -
$200 Rent
$80 Weed
$80 Smokes
$100 Food

Leaves me with a Total of: $190

so lets say $150 for the sake of extras and saving $150 for 6 months i will have a Total saved ammount of $4800

so with absoutly in fun in my life for 6 months after this weekend, ill start next week :) ) this is going to be a struggle!! wish me luck! im gunna need it!!
MoxieDiamond MoxieDiamond
18-21, F
May 9, 2012