And Yes, I Do Wear Shoes.

it seems that a lot of people have strong negative opinions about some things i do. im not the "long white beard, straw hat, whistling into an empty moonshine jug, while barefoot,kind of hillbilly" that some of u seem to be picturing. but im not all that far from it. i will hunt and kill my own food, and yes i will use trained hounds to do so. i dont buy eggs, i pull them from under a live chicken every morning. and i trade some off for other things. if i see a coyote or a fox in around the chicken house, i will shoot it or let the dogs out without blinking an eye. i smoke a pipe that i carved from a hickory tree in my front yard, and i will bury a 4 wheel drive truck in the biggest mudhole just to winch it out again. i like to drink and fight and be friends again tomorrow. all these things are commonplace around here, nobody complains, and if you have a problem with someone, you fight it out 1 on 1 fair. the rest of us will see to that. i love my home and the things i do here. i dont give u a hard time just because ur a boy who wears makeup or u think swatting a fly is murder. and trust me when i say that such tolerance in my hometown is rare. if u come to my favorite bar, u might get beat up, unless im there at the time cause im the one that tells the "other rednecks" to back off and leave him alone cause he's not from here. not long ago i saved 3 new york boys from taking a real *** whipping from about 15 drunken hicks. and those 3 dudes paid for all my drinks for the rest of the night. im a true west virginia hillbilly and PROUD OF IT. but i dont have a straw hat and yes i do wear shoes.
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But, foxes are so cutee..

We must live in the same neighborhood.

well hello neighbor.

Bunny your like me. I live in the Sticks of North Carolina. When all hell breaks loose one day.. Folks like us have an "Ace Up Our Sleeve" because in the immortal words of Hank Jr. Truly "A Country Boy Can Survive" D@mmed Deer have had a buffet with my Peas & Tomatoes.

being close to the dog kennel has saved my veggies.

Don't know what town you're from, but I was born in Logan, grew up in Huntington. Moved to Baltimore 22 years ago and want nothing more than to go back to WV...but unfortunately, that is not in the picture for me for a while due to child custody issues. Anyway, I have gotten a wrath of $h!t since I've been here for being from WV, but they can all suck it. There is nothing I do here that I can't also do in Huntington...and I have family and FRIENDS back in Huntington. (Although I'm sad to see that with respect to crime, Huntington is becoming comparable to Baltimore.)<br />
<br />
I did also want to comment on that guy friends getting drunk and fighting, then being friends the next day thing...I grew up seeing this and am still bewildered. Couldn't understand it then, can't understand it now! I don't think the same could ever be said about females...haha!

im outside of mineral wells, south and east of parkersburg. my town really doesnt have a name. and i agree the females dont seem to "fight tonight and be friends again" the same way we guys do.

Hell no, we'd hold grudges for years, form would be like the female version of the Hatfield &amp; McCoys! Haha! I've heard of Mineral Wells...maybe from my grandfather...he worked for the railroad. Not sure, but I know that name.

You are awesome. I'm putting you in my favorites.

its hard work being this awesome.

I believe you ^_^

wonderful words. glad you are here to share.

That's what I like, a man with an attitude! Keep on truckin!

initially, i thought 'its just way too long, who..aa..why would i read it" <br />
scrolled down , saw the comments, thought this will be interesting!!<br />
all of them sso different,<br />
scrolled it all from somewhere in between..<br />
have one thing to say: go become best friends with 'usemylife'<br />
hope you doo!!!!

I like this, people stereotype way too often. I'm heavily pierced and I've had people shield their kids from me so I know how it feels. You seem cool though. Screw the stereotypes.