There`s A Murderer On My Tail

I was going to my friends sleepover when I heard rustling in the bushes.I turned round, there was nothing there so I walked on and I heard it again.I jumped out of my skin when I heard a scream and a river of blood running down the footpath.I ran as fast as I could but then some one grabbed my tank top and pullled me towards him. He picked up his knife and tried to stab me but he stopped because he heard my friends but he picked up his knife again and I f*ckin screamed my heart out. My friends heard me and ran over. one of my friends fainted and another rushed over to me asking if I was alright.I was fine but I had scratches all over my arm.My other friend reconised the man.She said it was her uncle. we were astonished to hear that.We ran to my friends house and told her mum about it and she talked about everything while bandaging my arm up in a sling.From that day on we always had sleepovers at my house.I`m still worried now
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

How long ago did this happen? <br />
You were not with your parents when you went to the Police Station?<br />
Did the police have you fill out a report?<br />
Did you file a restraining order?

Yes I did but the police said I was lying

When did this happen? Did you report the crime to the police?