I am a quadriplegic. I was 14 when our car flipped. My back was broken, my diaphragm crushed both legs broken, and my head smashed open. A 13 year old girl saw the crash at 2am in the country. I was destined to marry her. Today I am ventilator-dependent, quadriplegic, and bedridden. I depend on a gastric tube for food. I have two children. Jason, the oldest, was born with spina bifida. My youngest daughter, Rachel, is blind. My middle child, John, isn't disabled but has to defend his siblings in school. My wife is sweet and cares for me. I hope my kids find it in their hearts to thank her for everything she does as mother, comforter, and carer.
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

Oh My Goodness. This hardly sounds possible. My sister is a ventilator dependant quadriplegic with just 20% vision in one eye, (& 1 prosthetic eye). Her husband divorced her immediately after the surgery and took the 8 month old baby. She was in hospital for 2 years, and has been living at home for 11 years, which has been a challenge itself as it is in the country and 4 hours to ventilatory support staff & respiratory doctors. Everyday we wonder if it could get any worse.