It Must Be the Heat With No A/c and the Fire But I'm Really Cranky Today.

 I'm loosing my patience with people that don't use the brain they were given. I am assuming that they were given some sort of reasoning capability. I was standing in a crowd outside the grocery store listening to the fire Marshall give an up date on our forest fire situation. Question from grown woman in a high pitched whine..." Well if a sheriff comes to evacuate me and I'm not home what's going to happen??" Sheriff takes deep breath, "well you won't be home will you so we will just move on to warn the people that are home to get out." Woman, higher pitch and louder "well how are you going to find me?  can't someone like call me or something??" Sheriff being very tactful I think "sure Madame. just leave you name and number at the fire house" Now this seems to appease her however if it gets to the point we are evacuated it means that particular fire house will be burnt to the ground. Next question Man, "well what if I just don't want to leave?? you can't make me" Sheriff, another deep breath, "Sir as a mater of fact we can. We will not have time to argue with you so we will just arrest you next question??"  Grown man " I haven't heard any planes flying at night how come you guys stop the helicopters and planes at night?"  God Bless this sheriff as sweat is dripping down his forehead in the 100 degree heat wave " They are called mountains sir, to drop water and such we have to fly very low and have no night vision so it would be extremely dangerous." I left....  
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no no no!!! Im all the way on the same page with her and her story! People are really lacking today in their mental capacities it seems. I don't know what the motivation behind it is, whether it be themselves liking the sound of their own voices. Speaking before they think, or.... ahaha lol, ,maybe just not thinking at all. It's really simple to stop think about the motivation behind your questioning and what you really want to know than to just blurt off at the mouth and find yourself stupified feeling like everyone hates you.

I think you might be expecting too much!<br />
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I agree with you though...