Are You Bold Enough...

Imagine - the fire/desire of a sexual dragon locked into the heart of a gentle shy soul...

Painful, urgent, visceral, exploding, numbing volcanic sexual heat hotter than the sun

trapped in the oppressive cage of indestructible timidness around women...that was my some extent it remains so - though I now have the maturity to know life is far more fulfilling than the urge to fulfil my lust...

The universe had a strange sense of destiny...because the women (of which there have not been many) whom I was fortunate enough to unleash the dragon upon were women who had sexual dragoness appetites hot enough to handle the burn...

that is until I met my wife - who quenches my dragonlust insatiably with her soulful ocean of my dragon purrs like a kitty cat...

One of my favourite bands growing up in the 70's was a local New Zealand band called Dragon...let me share with you two songs of theirs - that make up the soundtrack of my sexually frustrated youth...enjoy

Are You Old Enough by Dragon 1978

I used to change the words from Are You Old Enough to Are You Bold Enough in recognition that I was a shy guy who had no courage to let the inner dragon sate his sexual appetite...


April Sun In Cuba by Dragon - 1977

This song just reminds me of the long hot summers of the 70's and what seemed to be every sexual goddess ever to take the form of woman who descended upon our local beaches much to my dragons great frustration. I grew up sunning, surfing and laxing out on the beaches of Tthe Mount (Mauao) in my home town of Tauranga...what sexy summers they were...

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vvv What dragoncat said. And I have a thing for dragons.. My lust and fire makes me wonder why I have it when it is at odds with my shy and gentle personality.

thank you UnderEli...your kind feedback is most appreciated<br />
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I haven't listened to the songs (listing to my own music right now), but I really like the writing you've done here. It is tight and highly descriptive of things that are often hard to vocalize. Great job, and thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it!


I loved these songs, 8Foot. Great memories - even if a little mixed in terms of what they bring back.<br />
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He he why why why control it??? The world does not take kindly to the rampagings of out-of-control sexual dragons. Fair enough too.

It is a question I have asked myself for many years LYKIA...<br />
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there is a nice buddhist saying<br />
<br />
"to pursue ten thousand pleasures or to conquer just one"<br />
<br />
perhaps my dragon has been my greatest teacher and one I had to conquer first to enjoy life's true pleasures...<br />
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hhmmm I still ponder this...

Well... when you put it that way, there are many dragons around the world both male and female. Each must learn to tame the beast and control their fires. Very good story, very thought provoking.