So Boring :(

I'm only 16 and in highschool but I can't take it anymore. I'm so bored! I get up, go to school, come home, do homework, have dinner, watch tv, take a shower, go to bed. That's pretty much it. I hate my school so much. I don't usually go out because i hate drama and all my stupid friends only want to go to the mall or a football game and I don't want to. It's utterly boring and annoying. I want real fun, I just don't know how to have it yet. I can't drive yet..soon though so hopefully that will help. I'm just bored of my life full of morons. Everyone seems to be a carbon copy of eachother. They're so basic and annoying. Its starting to take a toll on me! I need fun. I also want my friends to stop obsessing over their phones and Facebook and twitter and actually hang out and talk to me when they're with me!
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thank,good to know

Yeah, that's exactly what my high school years were like. You seem to be really mature. Might take a while, but the people around you will eventually grow up as well. Then all the drama, and trying to be popular crap will be done with for the most part. There will be some people who just don't grow up and those are the ones you ultimately will want to distance yourself from. No matter what though, always DO YOU! Do whatever feels right for you to be happy in life. School may suck now, but it all pays off in the end! After the HS years end "real life" starts, or so I like to think.