What's Next?

I sleep at night wondering what's new tomorrow.  Everyday I kind of think of something more dramatic but after work, I go home and do the same thing as yesterday.  It's getting pretty redundant and I am sick of it.  Most often than not, I make myself a little busy, convincing I am okay with this daily routine because after all it's just the way it is but I know, deep inside there's more out there than just sitting around watching nonsense shows on television or browsing the net.  Basically, I am not this type of person that go out and explore which is why I blame myself sometimes.  I whine about the same scenario everyday and now I am suffering for it.  If talking to myself is crazy then I guess I am crazy because I kind of do that most of the time.  When this year started I have promised myself to change my life a bit, maybe do something more daring or create adventure...it all came to a waste because I never do anything instead I let myself run along with my emotion and feeling so pathetic sometimes.  Anyways, I never lost hope.  Tomorrow might be the same but I still hope for something new and maybe experience a glorious day or I might meet new friends or eat a different dish...little new things is better than nothing. 

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6 Responses May 18, 2009

Volunteer. You'll meet new people
Discover and find others that have it better or worse than you.
It might help you see the world in a much bigger picture. Don't let your world sw so small. Cheers! :-)

I thank you for sharing. There are so many people like you they just don't admit it. I'm personally like that sometimes so i can relate to most of the things you are saying.<br />
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Just take it one day at a time.Goals are good but knowing how to go about obtaining goals is what i think is what your wanting to know how to do? right

Read what you wrote and answer yourself. Am I wrong to think you most likely already have the answer? I know I usually do...However it's nice to hear others confirm or say what you already know to be true. <br />
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I personally give myself a goal and reward system....this works for me.<br />
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I set goals and pay myself time or gifts that I would normally put off to the side...for completing them...almost like I was playing one of those social networking games like Mafia Wars Etc.

i can relate completely. i feel like i'm stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out of it or feel like i have the energy to do so.

Glad am not alone. :) I don't wanna be lonely anymore. I kept reading my stories here and almost all of it was kinda depressing. I like to read most of the time, write on my journals...maybe i want something new. I guess I have to search myself for that. Dig more. I am g lad I joined this account, though, I get to talk to someone and share my stories even if almost all the time I sound like a whiny-girl. :)

Do you have some hobbies or things you have always wanted to try and havent? Tommorrow can be different if you choose for it to be.......................small changes are bettter then no change......................do what makes you happy. <br />
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If your crazy then so am I, I do it all the time, especially at work.................................I think its a part of me being lonely.