No Living Going On Here

I don't live. I'm not living. I exist. Pure and simple. I don't love. I don't enjoy. I don't find or have or create happiness. I am here for one reason and one reason only, because my body is still breathing. Don't get me wrong, if I had the guts I'd kill myself. But I don't want to exist. I don't want to breathe. Stop pretending that you are living and admit it because you have no other choice.
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

honestly, i could give a crap less for the philosophy. I just need a full time job so I can support myself.

i have two solutions for you, pick one<br />
1- as a great man said:"if you want to die, kill yourself.<br />
2- you breathe, so you live. you live, so you exist, you exist, so you think. you think, so you feel. you feel, so you're human. you're human, so you hate and love. You hate and love, so your YOU.<br />
after discovering yourself, discover the world. look for what you like and hate. while looking, events happen, some interest you, some don't. don't care.... go live using what you thinks and feel is right.<br />
you are living.... so take advantage of that..<br />
you know what? i think i know what you hate about yourself most...and you know you CAN change it but it's too troublesome.

go outside and explore, you never know what can be found, watch the sky, listen relaxing music ( Just forget-Tsuchie for example), talk, talking is just awesome, talk with your parents about everything you fell and every thing that bugs you, I can tell you based on experience that it just works!,<br />
flight a kite is fun, uhm, eat icecream, and if you don´t like icecream...candies then!( gummies are higly recomended), yes this could sound silly, but the mmeaning of all that stuff is that there a lot to do, sometimes we just feel, plain bad, but BELIVE ME!!, you just need time, think about every thing you can do, think about how you can help others, join a school or workshop about something you like!, sing, jump, run, WHATEVER YOU WANT!, THE WHOLE INFINITE IS IN FRONT OF YOU! GO ON AND GIVE IT A TRY, AND IF YOU DON´T HAVE SUCCES AT THE FIRST TIME, TRY HARDER THE NEXT TIME!!!!, BUT TRY!, THERES AN EFFIN LOT TO DO, MAYBE YOU NEED TO GO AND SEE AN SPETIALIST, I HAVE DONE SO, SOME TIMES WE JUST NEED A CHECKUP, IN RESUME LIFE IS AWESOME, I LEARNED THAT IN A BAD WAY, I CAN TELL YOU IS JUST AWESOME, GO AND FIND IT BY YOURSELF, PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY!.<br />