Not The Same Guy

i met this guy, and we sorta got to know each other after a while we started dating, and we got into a relationship at first he was great he called when i woke up, we talked online in the afternoon and called me before i went to bed he said he can't sleep without hearing my voice, we spent 3 months like this then the problems started he would get jealous of my best friends(guys) and say they liked me (even though they don't we're just close) and whenever i say something about his friends(girls) who started throwing themselves at him when they found out i was with him, we would have a whole new fight i mean at least i had boundries with my friends he didn't but still i shut up , that was my mistake, after a while we just grew apart so one day we had a huge fight and i dumped him, first week he didn't even contact me then he called and asked for another chance iought about it and then agreed, we lasted 2 weeks before i noticed nothing changed in fact he became selfish and arogant he wasn't the guy i fell in love with(or the same guy but a gd actor) so when i told him it was over he said i was just doing that to get revenge for him hurting me and that i wanted to date another guy and that i'm a heartless girl i just said it was over and left, a few months later he called and said said he wanted me back when i said no he said a lot of stuff in his tantrum after we hung up the phone 5 min later he sends me a msg that's romantic i mean talk about mood swings i said no.and we haven't talked since
Adrianabm Adrianabm
Apr 10, 2011