Wat Goes Around Comes Back Around

The boy i grew up with cheated on me i was broken in pieces i wanted to hurt him worse than he hurt me so i left then 3 months later he text me telling me how she cant stop texting her x an i wanted to tell him do bad IN YO FACE but some how i couldnt an he sa he miss me but i thought i couldnt live without him but im livin , :-)
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Stay strong. You will find someone that appreciates you for who you are. There are always haters and others that will be jealous of your happiness etc. They will seek to take what you have. To be honest if that boy did not see anything in you that was worth his time/loyalty then it will be his loss. Pick yourself up. Live strong. Be happy. Move onto the next person that makes you happy and make them as happy as you are. Effort for effort.

O ok i c now all i got is bad memories

memories but don't just forget them. Use them. Learn from your mistakes. Protect yourself from the dirtbags. Not everyone is looking to get something from you but only put your neck out so far. If your not comfortable with a situation or thing then your most likely right. As long as you don't shut yourself off from the world then your most likely ok.

What do your friends say?

Most of my friends hate boys

LOL well there are plenty of reasons for that. But really was that guy worth your time? I can see from your stories that you really are desperate to find somebody to love. It makes me crazy that there are so many seemingly nice people like you that can not find a decent guy or person to be with.

oh by the way might you add me? to your circle?

if not no problem I am enjoying talking to you through your story replies.

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