Even Though Ur Gone You Still Make Me Smile!!

Alan, I don't get much of a chance to talk about you anymore is it really 12years since you died??  Sometimes it only seems like yesterday that you left this world and I find tears in my eyes but I am grateful for them.  Because the tears remind me that once I was lucky enough to have someone really special in my life a friend, you!!  Normally though the tears become smiles when I remember all we shared together getting wasted on a night out.  Karoke in dress up mode, bycycle rides through the countryside though we normally took all the back roads and got lost.!! Heading of to the other side of the country by train and just going from hostel to hostel smiling laughing joking my best friend my soul mate.  So many tears turning into smiles as time goes by and a part of me knows/hopes we will meet again you were too special for your light to have gone out altogether.  I am glad that so many years later I am smiling when I remember you!!!
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1 Response May 1, 2011

Your story brought tears to my eyes. You will find each other again, love like this doesn't die. Bless you both.