A Letter I Can Never Send

I am so truly deeply sorry, I cannot express how hard it is for me to function without you. I never ever wanted it to end like this. I so need to be your friend again. Please don't go believing everything that i said. Why did I say those things...why did you believe me. I thought you would understand...that you felt the same...I want you to hold me again..I want to feel your arms around me..warm & safe...I feel like I am dying inside..I feel so heavy with sorrow... Why Why Why...I long for your love and more so your friendship..who can I laugh with now...who can make my dull day sunny again? Please come back to me...I never should have said those things....I was hurting inside..but you left..walked away without turning around...why did you just leave..why didn't you yell at me...anything....something..I Cannot forgive myself...the pain I feel for you is eating my soul...for one last embrace...to look into your eye's to hold your hand, to see you smile.....but you have gone & I will never see you again... I LOVE YOU

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
11 Responses Jan 10, 2007

I will make all ur bad feelings go away. msg me and see for ur-self

I have felt this in the past, It is something that only time can heal. In the mean time it is very hard on the heart to deal with. I can only say that if someone leaves you this way it is usually for the best ion the long run. <br />
You don't want to spend to much of your life with someone who will up and leave you when you need them in the future.<br />
I don't know the situation but I do know the feeling.<br />
I hope for a speedy recovery for your heart Caroli9.

time wounds all heals :)

singasong XOXO

Hi, it was very nice when she loved me for the briefest of time, but now she said she didn't love me. Like all of you above I feel like dying and,Caroli9, I feel EVERYTHING you've written.

indeed :)

Well we have sharks in the oceans, crocks in the rivers. Perhaps grizzly bears on the land could help.<br />
<br />
You're correct though. It's better to have loved for a short time rather than never at all.

Yup .. moving on is what we all do best ... but is it so good being human ? <br />
<br />
i think we humans need something higher in the food chain so we know that we are F"N lucky to have what we have .... if ya know what i mean .... err .... etc :)

I know too well how you feel. I think the sooner we can put those thoughts behind us, the sooner we can move on.<br />
<br />
It's hard when you don't know for certain what went wrong.

so sweet you are .. haha yes i said what i did .. felt as good then as it does reading it after all this time. <br />
Thankyou PCG i did need to read it again .. cheers

well idk who this letter was ment for but i dont think it was ment for me. but at least u said wat u needed to.