Sorry I'm not cool or social enough for you.

Sorry I don't have the money to buy a variety of clothes.

Sorry I never said happy birthday.

Sorry I wasn't there when you cried.

Sorry for my ignorance. 

Sorry I'm not the best friend you think I am.

Sorry but my tongue gets twisted and I cannot say what you want to hear.

Sorry I'm my mother's daughter.

Sorry I'm too shy and serious.

Sorry I'm not the daughter you want me to be everyone, sorry I'm not the friend.

Sorry I'm too sensitive.

Sorry I'm such a baby.

Sorry for being impatient with you.

Sorry for blabbering.

Sorry I burnt the food again.

Sorry I let you starve.

Sorry I didn't spend more time with you.

Sorry for these tears. I'm still putting myself together.

And at times I'm sometimes sorry for being Maegyn.
Marowit Marowit
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Thank you for the calming comment. *hugs*

And I am sorry that you feel sorry for being you because from what I have seen you are very compassionate toward others and maybe just give yourself a little break. ((hugs))