To Everyone

I have said Im sorry so many times in my life, for things that I dont think is my fault. As a young child, when my mother would tell that I ruined her life, I would tell her I was sorry. Maybe I did it because I saw how miserable she was , and I was always told that it was my fault ,I felt bad. I never want to ever be the reason for someone elses problems. Which is a big reason I stay to myself, the only people I ever talk to is my dealers. They are all the friends I need. I know that I shouldnt be calling them friends, but truth is that I have been buying from them for so long that they look at me a sister... I want to just say I am sorry to the world at times. Sorry for living, because I am the scum of the earth. Everytime I watch the news and see that someone that actually had life and a family that loved them past away, I always wish that it was me and not them. I have nothing to offer the world. I am have no potiental to do anything anymore. I apoligize to everyone for my existance. I am nothing more than a waste of space.
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1 Response Apr 8, 2012

Your parents should be sorry for putting this thought in your head.