To My Ep

Circle I feel that I must say that I am sorry...   Life has taken me for a ride and been busy in getting things done and haven't felt much like writing about things however I am getting some swagger back and that I will be looking more to writing about what is going on and keeping things upto date you and stalking my friends keeping them busy...  LOL!!!!

It is a new year with new goals and possiblities and look forward to getting some personal progress done.


I ask for your forgiveness and patience.  Know that I am thinking of you and that I am coming back, it maybe slow but hey when I get there it won't be a disappointment...


mtvlm mtvlm
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9 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Thanks ELF..... Knew you had my back...... <br />
<br />
<br />
Lets see that wiggle Kara....

Elf... peering out of the bushes...having stalked MTV all this time says,<br />
"It's about time I've been holding up your end of it all this time....whew"<br />

Mine too.... Trying to get back to it though sweet Pix.... *kisses* don't sulk.... ;)

I know what you mean Mt...this is the busiest time of year for me at my work and it's really cutting into my EP time (Pix sulks) :-(

Thanks WIB... Think that you will come back like me and get stronger cause of it......

I think a lot of people are in that place right now mtvlm. I know I have been. Not quite back to form yet either and have been very contemplative. It's been a difficult few months for me (and others I think too). You are forgiven of course, always glad to see you around!!

Love those boobies Lala....<br />
<br />
Glad that your back too My.... love those glasses....

I haven't been here, either. I'm glad I came back in time to see you swagger. :)<br />
(Nice boobs, lala.)