I Had To Stop Going On Fb

One of the reasons Is because while I was on there saturday a bogus antivirus tried to take over my computer. It was quite nasty because it corrupted my antivirus and I couldn't even get back on the internet. I had to restore my computer. That was the only way I could get back on the net. I bought another antivirus and made the stupid decision to get back on there Monday. While I was trying to give gifts on fv yep it happened again!! Luckily I  got ahold of a tech who works for the antvirus I use and got it back working. I wrote a blog explaining the reasons to anyone who really cared. Actually though I'm relieved this happened because It was taking up so much time. I would get on at 9 in the morning and stay on til 2 in the afternoon. I would always make myself get off of fb at 2 to clean my house. What did I do for all these hours just give gifts and then play the games I enjoyed. It was becoming a drag, something I had to do everyday. I didn't want my "friends" mad at me. I was getting tired of most of my so called friends not being a friend.  Now though every morning I wake up and think what can I do today instead of ugh I have to spend all day doing this crap..It just wasn't fun anymore. Granted if this wouldn't have happened I probably still be on there but since it did I'm not sad about it at all.
AthenaRose AthenaRose
31-35, F
Jun 30, 2010