I Deactivated My Fb Account

Facebook is not good for paranoid people.  I was checking mine a million times a day in case one of my "friends" wrote something stupid on my wall.  After i deactivated it though, now I worry that people will think that I "deleted" them, cause that's a big insult in our weird world of today. 

But the way I figure, if I don't ever see you or talk to you in the real world to tell you that I deactivated and not deleted, then you aren't really my friend anyways.

I actually had a few people get a little upset with me when I "deleted" or "blocked" them from my facebook.  Of course that didn't happen, I deactivated.  I suggest to anyone that is thinking about deleting or deactivating, to send out a status message saying that is what you are doing, don't just disappear.  Some people take it really personal and think you blocked them, or deleted them or whatever.  Also grab email address & or phone numbers of people you want to stay in contact with that you only talk to on facebook.

A lot of people didn't even know I was gone when I left and that kind of hurt (oh the ego of me...haha), but I'll admit i didn't update my status very much at all..  never had anything interesting to write!  When people have so many friends its not like they go through their list every day looking for ones that have dropped off.  If you are really active people will notice though.


Anyone see any of those crazy conspiracy type videos about facebook?  Crazy!  I don't know if I would believe it, but I don't like the fact of how they own everything you put on there, including personal messages.  Don't plan  a crime on there!!  LOL.

But you do feel out of the loop when you don't have.  I mean even movies and tv shows mention it as part of pop culture.  EVERYONE is on facebook.  Its scary how much EVERYONE is on there.  Ok, so my grandmother isn't yet.  Thank God.


Anyways, enough of a rant for me!  :)

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1 Response Mar 19, 2010

Actually, right now is a good time not to use face book, it has a virus from hell that is spreading throughtout the world. What is does is open your computer files and record your personal information for the bad guys of this world.<br />
Us the virus as your excuse not to use face book for now.