Not Even A Kiss

Well, it's true. I've never even kissed anyone...I'm 16...and I'm not like rushing to loose my virginity, but I'd at least like to have done SOMETHING whether it's kissing or just getting a realy bf/gf. The only reason I'm assuming that I haven't had any boyfriends or girlfriends since I've moved is because I'm fat...which usually is the case. *sigh* it's one thing that boys seem to have a hard time overlooking. Oh day will come I guess...

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7 Responses Feb 20, 2010

16? Come back in two years pls.

I use to say i cannot marry a fat lady, but now if she is chaste and got values, thats all am looking for not an oblivious prostitute.

lol, i'm in new york. besides, 26-30 is too old. thaaat, and i'm not looking for a hook-up, i'm looking for a relationship.

i think your smoking, id help you out. are you near VA?

haha, if you lived the life i have and heard the comments made, it's not being too hard on myself. it's just reality. and i live with it every day.

lol, that's what everyone says. but I guess it's all about angles.

Sexyness is in self-confidence. Most will not notice extra pounds when the person displays an aura of self-confidence. <br />
<br />
But like you said. You are 16. Don't worry so much about it. Dating, sex....all of that is highly over rated and should be shared with someone important. Not with someone just because you want to have a little experience in certain areas. Kissing and other such things are natural. They will come and be done naturally. Experience is only needed when trying to impress. If you like someone, and they like you, why should you impress them with how much experience you could have? Think on that.