Am I Nuts

Hello to everyone I really don't know where to start I am 43 with two kids and I have been with my spouse 11 years out of 11 years he has cheated meeting women on the internet and he even left me for one of the women he is still talking to. At first I wanted to get back at him by doing the same but that is not me. If I am unhappy I say so. I have asked him to leave and he won't i don't want to move my oldest is graduating next year. My kids are miserable and I cry because I am putting them through this. I am not able to move I need to stay where I am because of finances. This why I have asked for a divorce and yet he stays! I am just tired and it is taking its toll on me and my kids.
whyme02 whyme02
41-45, F
Sep 17, 2012