Now In Days

I guess with all the teenage girls getting pregnant, i'm next right? Well that's what everyone thinks but in reality i'm a big time goody good and yess i am still a virgin. Finding a decent girl now in days is really hard...guys don't seem to notice me though. I honestly don't want to have sex yet until i find the "one" yes that sounds cheesy but it's true. My sister is 21 and she lost her virginity at 19, and she's still with that guy and they now have a son. My beautiful 8 month old nephew<3 My sister never lowered her standards for anyone and i'm guessing i'm just like her...i wonder if that's a bad thing? All 3 of my best friends have had sex and they always talk about their sex stories and i'm just all quiet because i have nothing to say. Don't get me wrong sometimes i feel left out because everyones doing it but why do it just for the **** of it? I'm just going to wait.
mariicakes mariicakes
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Don't fall to peer pressure. **** what other people think. Do what you think is best, and if that is waiting, then wait.