I want to finish high school. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to graduate with Honours and am eligible for several scholarships. But my Foster father doesn't want me to graduate next year. I'm a junior now, by the way, and am two credits shy of graduating. My Foster dad doesn't want to stay in this town another year just so I can get two credits, so he's given me two options.

I can either do summer school this summer and get my credits that way and do an early graduation [which means I won't get a graduation ceremony], or I can drop out, GED, and start college in the fall when my classmates will be starting their senior year.

I want to go to school though...

He can't make me do that, can he? I mean, legally. I'm not his child, and that's not what I want to do. Even if I was his, could he still do that? I talked to my school counsellor and she told me to talk to him about it. There has to be more that I can do, though.. ! I just want to go to school...

Reversed roles much? Haha, usually the kid wants to drop out and the parents fight to keep them in school. Not this kidd. What can I say, normalcy isn't my thing.
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haha whatever you say(: and you always have it.

haha whatever you say(: and you always have it.

Thanks for the support, Bloo :] p.s.: Bloo is way more awesome than Babes cuz it's more unique :]

i dunno how bad your dad is...but talk to your foster mom? maybe she has a little bit of a different opinion. or tell them you want to have memories, not get out of the house ASAP :/ i hope it works out, boo.(: