Monotonous Mountain of Mundane Madness

We have been together for two years.  We have two kids each.  Both have the financial means to move into a larger place.   However, he would be sacrificing the inheritance of the house he rents from his family if he leaves now.


So here we sit another year.  Only seeing each other on weekends and a night or so a week for dinner.

I live out of a bag three days a week.  We pay TWO rents, we have TWO separate homes, we have a plan to get married, yet, we are still here.  In this mundane monotonous hell, week after week.

Not going anywhere.  Still doing the same seperate things.  Not sharing a life, not saving any money and not having se* often enough because, well, with four kids ranging from 3 - 14, it just doesnt happen very often.

So what the he*l?  Keep going?  'Going" where?  We talk about it everytime.  Living together, the challenges with so many kids.  The stress.  Are we actually MOVING?

Im so frustrated and sad and tired of watching my friends live "normal" lives its disgusting!


GO forward.  MAKE progress!


WhatMattersCannotBeSeen WhatMattersCannotBeSeen
31-35, F
Aug 3, 2009