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I am a graduate student at Georgia Tech taking a course called "Design of Online Communities." (course website:, and we are conducting a 30-minute interview study over Skype. The purpose of this study is to know more about how an online community works and how its design supports the sharing and communication between its members. I will keep the participant's personal information confidential in this study, and we are not asking your personal experience stories but just how you think about the design features on EP. If you are interested in this study and would like to participate, please send me your skype name,

read more info from here:

and consent using the following:

Your help in this study is greatly appreciated.

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Yes, Tekk, I think this is a really great place to know. :D

Oh yes! EP was a great source of discussion in anthropology. No screen names either, just observations about virtual communities.

Hi everyone, I am SJ's groupmate, I am also willing to interview with a few of you who are interested, the questions are simple and very general, we make sure not to ask you anything personal, mostly your experiences with the website design and what you think that made it successful getting all these supporting people together.<br />
Please email me if you are interested. <br />
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Have a wonderful day

We've been talking for a while, wondering why no one was studying EP. I know you're not doing it from a sociologist's perspective...but it seems like it would be a dream for someone's masters' thesis. All these people...all this little time, haha!!

Hi, dear DV. As the aspect of my study, I really don't know what my goal might be. However, I'm really moved by the support I got from my EP friends. There's already something out of my heart. I'm just loving everyone right now!! :D <br />
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Do you want to participate my interview study? It's only 30 minute and your EP identity in the interview will be confidential. I'm so fascinated by you EP people. I really want to know what kind of design on EP that assists in supporting these connectedness for EP members. If you're interested in this as well, please send me a message. ;-)

Thanks you all !!! I'm gonna cry~~~~~<br />
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Dear Tekkamaki, There's no need of any prep work, just relax and talk what you want to talk. The questions will be like: What kind of service or design on EP that you think is helpful to let you feel knowing more about your EP friends or getting closer with each other? or, what kind of design that supports its members on connecting to each other. <br />
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Dear onceandfutureglow, Thank you so much!! I'm looking forward to the interview with you. <br />
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I will send you both a message to schedule a separate 30-minute period tomorrow that works for you. Thanks again!!!

:-D You all ROCK!

Tekk! :)<br />
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Oh yeah. Me too. I will help if I can. EP is awesome. It's been a great thing in my life, and so many people here are a huge part of my world.

Well if I can I will try. What are the kind of questions you are going to be asking (could you give an example maybe?) and is there any prep work we can do before the interview?

I'd like to encourage anyone who is interested to help Szuchia out if you can. Thank you. ~Scoobs~