It's Strange!

Why would you choose to stay a purple person? Can't you break out and get an avatar that represents you? I always question how someone can feel so I over thinking this? LOL No offense purple people, I have had conversations with a few that were great! Then again, you are the majority that send random pm's making odd requests of someone you don't know! : O

Since I wrote this I have gotten two random pm's from the purple people. I had to add to this with examples of requests from purple people out of the blue. Ladies, Im sure you get them as well. Men, not sure?

Now remember, they pm and don't even say hello...just leave a message...
#1 Do you have pretty feet?
#2 Do you feel like being naughty?
#3 What are you wearing tonight?
#4 Are you big breasted and like to play?
#5 Wow, you are like me. Let's talk.
#6 Hi, how are you feeling? (At least this one said hi! )
#7 Do you like make stinkface?
#8 I want to be dominated by a woman ur age

*I will add as I get more! LOL
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I got that tonight. Jumping Jesus On A Pogo Stick! I just signed up to this platform YESTERDAY! Not even a full 24 hours yet.

And she wanted me to make her wet. Huh?! The username was purpletaco. I tried to click on the name and NOTHING came up. Like the only thing it's ever done on this platform is to approach me for cyber sex. I don't know how long you've been on EP but is it going to be like this every night? If so, I'm going to have to turn my push notifications off.

For a long time I was a purple person, indecision mostly, plus all the usernames I fancied were taken. Being unable to choose an appropriate username left me without an avatar too. Now I mostly use some variant of a question mark, but still feel that actually the purple person went better with the username I settled on.<br />
Not all of us are pervs, Ok? Some are just new or finding their feet.

LOLOL...Well, you are right. You are not a perv! I love your question mark. Thanks for commenting.

I like the ones that send 5 messages in a row simply with one word: "hi."
Or the one I got yesterday, "and what can I do for you?"

Oh oh- I got a great one last week. "What is your phone number?" haha wonder if that has ever worked out for him..

LOL! I guess I will start sending such messages! Will include you in my list, my dear... *winks*

Don't troll me blue purple.....blurple head you.

LOL, you do like blurple! It is fun to say. :) I have to add to my list...I got one the other day that asked if I like stinkface???? LOL just rolls off the tongue.

I am the purple troll, will make your life miserable on EP!

I never had the nerve to ask what a purple person was....Then ding!!! Of course....duh....

Thank you so much for the insight Soulrunner :)

Im not judging really...just an observation. :)

I know, it just came to me while reading your story. I've seen purple people mentioned here before but it never occurred to me.

It happens! Then the lightbulb cuts on...

I've gotten a few, some as crude as the ones you got, others very respectful and have since gotten "faces" once they decide to stay! So I don't turn them away purely on their purple appearance, but rather, on the substance contained in their unsolicited correspondence.

Well la di da Mr Ambrose I presume...Oh..I shouldn't presume anything! :P

Presume is better than ASSume, I suppose? ;-)

You and that ASSuming again! Spank!

***now the other side***

LOL...shaking my head and rolling my eyes!

hehehe! Thanks! ahhhhh I feel better now....

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I bet they're one eyed and one horned and eat other people too. *shudder* Scary stuff.