Sweet Revenge

 was feeling sick and i didn't wanted to drive so I asked my ex bf to plz go to the drugstore buy for me some medicine for my cold  and He refuse, he was like "i'm too busy to go buy you a damn cough syrope, go buy it your self". he was sitting on the couch watching some stupid animals documental...  I was like Fine, give your car keys! , he asked me to buy for him a soap * can you believe a guy who likes an especific brand of soap?????)  anyway  .....I went to the drugstore and while driving the evil plan came to my mind. When i came back I told him i bough your soap and i went and took a bath....... LOL i washed my butcrack with his soap oh yeahhh nice and  clean .   Then i sat to wait for him to go wash his face with his soapy butcrack scent soap...... I laugh silently..... he he he he
Secretpoem Secretpoem
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2007

If you were a big, sweaty burly foot pla<x>yer with a whole lotta bum hair, that story would be really gross. But you're not, so it's kinda funny even though it shouldn't be :D